Family values!


A little taste of Some interesting Family values!

Anger, Missery, Deceitful Tactics, Stalking of people (and potholes), Self Serving, and endless Smear Campaigns.

The below exerpts was taken from a breakdown of the areas leaders writen in 2012. Click Here  Some would say old news, but it paints a bit more of the back story.

Roy McCampbell

Made headlines as the highest paid comptroller in the state. He made nearly $500,000 as Bellwood’s comptroller in 2009. In January 2010 he was removed from the office, and later resigned. With an indictment pending. Click Here

He was responsible for bringing red light cameras to Illinois. The first Redspeed contract for red light cameras was in Bellwood. Click Here

He worked a stint at Redspeed Illinois. Click Here

He also worked closely with convicted consultant Anthony Bruno on the Bellwood water project.

Since 2003, he contributed $1,700 to Bellwood First Party, headed by his boss Mayor Frank Pasquale.

In August 1999, McCampbell’s wife, Mary Jane Goldthwaite, filed a libel/slander suit in Cook County Circuit Court against Triton and several officials related to statements made about her and her termination by the school. In October 2000, Goldthwaite filed a four-count federal civil rights lawsuit against Triton, alleging a hostile work environment and sexual harassment by Sullivan, and retaliation by the college for her reporting the harassment.

The college negotiated a sealed out-of-court settlement with Goldthwaite and her husband, McCampbell, who was acting as one of her attorneys.

At the time of this article McCampbell and Goldthwaite continue to work closely with Triton and Sullivan. McCampbell is a director of the Triton Foundation; Goldthwaite serves as secretary. Sullivan is the foundation’s treasurer.

The above exerpts was taken from a breakdown of the areas leaders writen in 2012. Click Here


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