Is the infamous comptroller of Bellwood attempting to bury a sordid past?


How many facebook, twitter, and blog posts does someone make a day? Do they pertain to anything of value, or are they just random items to fill up a daily SEO (Search Engine Optimization) quota? Probably a mix of both. Are the same posts re-posted regularly? If you have answered yes to these questions that individual is most likely trying to bury their past.

Here is just two examples of methods used to clean up your SEO.

1. Social Media Profiles

The first strategy is to create as many social networking profiles that you can fully populate and use. The last part is the most important as creating social networking profiles just to create profiles isn’t nearly as important as creating ones that will actually be used.

For example, creating social networking profiles on without actually using the service may show up for a little while but will quickly fade as a positive resource and search return. But signing up and registering for a Twitter account and then using it daily will be infinitely better.

2. Start a Blog, Write Often

This is a big “duh” but you have to have a blog and then write in it consistently. This is one of your most valuable allies to pushing down negative search results and you can even be strategic by using keywords.


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