Never at fault and always the victim.


On April 11th 2012 Mr McCampbell Made a post on his blog:

This comes after 5 weeks of him being at home with educational services being denied by Schiller Park School District 81 and after 5 months of him being placed by Schiller Park School District 81 at Soaring Eagles Academy with no certified teacher, no credentialed head teacher and questions about his therapists’ credentials abounding.

This is mostly an untrue statement confirmed by his own posting of court documents regarding the mater on his own blog.


“Abuse of the Soaring Eagle Staff via communications from the parents” Quote taken from the court documents linked below from his own blog. Their Child was dismissed from his school because of his parents conduct!

The next school that the district recommended (Giant steps) provided the details of the teaching credentials to the family, and even the specific credentialed name of the teacher who will teach their child. They still disagreed stating

There is no guarantee that Giant Steps will assign the properly certified emplyees to provide services.

When in fact the school gave the exact name of the teacher that will be providing those services.


But still he persisted!


Unfounded Objections

We wish to thank all of our friends and neighbors as well as our facebook friends for all of their support and voice for the last several weeks forBrody McCampbell and our family.  We also wish to thank the Autism Society of Illinois and its Executive Director,  Mary Kay Betz, for all of their support and advice.

First up in the chronic emotional manipulator’s bag of dirty tricks are pleas for pity, playing the victim, martyrdom, and vilifying the true victim. This is the first dirty trick in this series because of the destruction it can cause. This includes immediate results, as well as cumulative effects over the course of time.

Another person that I consulted with on this matter told me that in his thirty years in the special education services area he had “never seen a circus act like this before”  as pursued by Schiller Park School District 81.

Most assuredly this individual did not have all the information.

This does not close the book on Brody McCampbell and special education services in Schiller Park School District 81, only the chapter on providing current  educational services to Brody.  We still have to recapture the moment for an 8 year old child of lost educational opportunity over the last 5 months.    We will continue to pursue compensatory services for Brody McCampbell.   Schiller Park School District 81 should seriously consider pursuing a claim against Soaring Eagles Academy for a “failure to educate” and recover the taxpayer funds paid to Soaring Eagles Academy.

The cycle has not ended. In a recent blog post Mr McCampbell stated that it is other peoples fault that staff members are leaving and not his. Could that abuse be happening here also?

This pursuit of special education services by my wife and I in Schiller Park School District 81 is not just about Brody McCampbell but about all of the children of District 81 who need special education services.   We hope to maintain a loud and clear voice to support the needs of the children.

The Narcissist is always doing good for others, but not seeing the real damage done. Always the savior!

All the above information regarding Case number 2012-0271 was gathered from Mr McCampbell’s Blog. There was no violation of privacy as the document unaltered was posted in its entirety in Mr McCampbell’s original post. All comments on the subject are based in opinion only. the following link is to the original post made by Mr McCampbell, and has been saved as is for the protection of this blogs author in case of deletion by the original poster.


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