Pension fund scoundrel!


Well let’s just look at two notable pension scoundrels, New Lenox Mayor Tim Baldermann and former Bellwood Village Manager Roy McCampbell. Tim Baldermann, for instance, is a guy who is already collecting tax-free disability monies wholly derived from a pension account from when he was employed, and supposedly hurt on the job in Chicago Heights. His claim of permanent disability, though, has not prevented him from remaining in government and in multiple positions (and thus eligible for multiple pensions). Of course he see’s nothing wrong with this, but as a
permanently disabled person myself – if I try and take a job then I must forfeit my disability after a one-year trial under return to work provisions by Social Security. So what the hell makes Baldermann so special? Well it comes down to the Illinois Legislature opening-up perverse windows of opportunity for those in the public sector.

And what about an even bigger pension fund scoundrel? Roy McCampbell is a guy who has definitely figured out how to game the shit out of the system! The former Village Manager of Bellwood saw absolutely nothing wrong with his $472,000 salary by holding down 10 different village positions before finally being indicted on multiple counts of Theft and Official Misconduct for granting himself numerous unauthorized pay raises and bilking the town of Bellwood for hundreds of thousands of dollars!

And while Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez (a future multiple pension earner) hasn’t moved all that fast on the McCampbell indictment it seems he was able to serve as Harwood Heights Economic Development Consultant along with Wayne Pesek until they were released by Mayor Arlene Jezierny after questions were raised. Matter of fact a reader of this blog has contacted me and given me a heads up to possible financial irregularities in Harwood Heights (a rinky dink enclave surrounded by Chicago and Norridge) involving some recent development there. In all fairness, though, I am still researching that and will post something at another time.

Anyway, getting back to Tim Baldermann and Roy McCampbell; I view these two guys as the epitome of a fu$ked-up and rigged pension system. And I have to tell you, they are far from being alone as political jackals. The State of Illinois are loaded with them and they are all gaming the pension system and putting it in jeopardy for those state and government workers who have played by the rules.

Above article part of the Chicago Political Commentary page.


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