Worrisome information shared with this blog!


   A resident sent this blog some information and a few images. The new information gave me some direction to a few new items, and the connections keep coming in! The first was this little piece of the August 20th 2014 School District 81 Board meeting.


Patricia Goziszewski, and David C Stachura voted against all three of the items in this excerpt. Did their friendship with Mr Chavez cloud their judgment?

This blogger was informed that at least one of the complaints deemed unfounded was involving the man who’s employment was officially ended in the third line item.


Steve Chavez on the right. Dave Stachura on the left


Steve Chavez on the left, Patricia Goziszewski, in the middle, and our good friend Mr McCampbell on the right. Are these some of the McCampbellites?

I have been told that Mr Chavez has been on a hunt to prove miss treatment from the start, and has not stopped even after independent investigations have all come to the same conclusion.  Was Mr Steve Chavez a campaign contributor? Did the Board president, ad Vice president feel beholden to this man for his contributions?





Does the Illinois trend of corruption even trickle down to the School Board level? Its not just for big government.




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