Who is Robert Murbach? Stooge number 1, 2, or 3?


Just who does he think he is? McCampbell’s personal pet PI?  Lap dog? his Stooge?

stooge  (stj)


  1. The partner in a comedy team who feeds lines to the other comedian; a straight man.
  2. One who allows oneself to be used for another’s profit or advantage; a puppet.
  3. Slang A stool pigeon.

intr.v.stooged, stoog·ing, stoog·es

One of the Three main Stooges? The +1 of the dirty half dozen?

Did his lawsuit in the late 70s start him on the road to becoming a McCampbellite?


The following was copied from a facebook post, and seems to be an example of the public’s growing disgust for his activities. Does he even have children in this school district? What would be the purpose of such a F.O.I.A. request? Its also my opinion that he is under contract by Mr McCampbell.

Tell me something Robert Murbach, who put you up to this request??http://www.sd81.org/…/FOIA_Request_RMurbach_14-042.pdf. Why would “you” have any interest in “student activity accounts” and “accounts held for parent organizations” in our school district? I’m pretty sure I/we know EXACTLY who put you up to this FOIA. It’s amazing (actually disgusting) how many puppets they have in this town doing their dirty work! It’s a shame that they would want to start picking on parent run “organizations” in our district! What could they possibly get out of this? There aren’t any pensions being handed out from these organizations!! No Christmas parties being funded from these accounts. OUR kids and associated departments benefits from these programs ONLY!! There is nothing to hide, but nonetheless, it’s ridiculous! It’s a waste of time and effort for our district employees having to pull this information! GET A LIFE! If you people have this much time on your hands to “attempt” to destroy our school district, maybe you should put forth this much effort in doing something good instead!! There are plenty of things that could be done! STOP wasting our employees time! They have much more important things to do that make copies of records for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON!! YES – YOU HAVE TOUCHED A NERVE!!!!


– Facebook Post on Resident Citizens Community Alliance by a resident.

Another resident stated on Facebook in Parents of SD81 in a comment to the aforementioned post.

I think DEFINITELY SOMEONE IN THIS VILLAGE needs to start checking into what they are really up to!

You will be shocked at what you discover!

When will people stop letting these individuals continue to destroy Schiller Park!

Stand up and speak out!



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