How Much Influence Does Roy McCampbell have with David Stachura, Schiller Park School District 81 Board President ?

The original post written on September 5th 2014 by ROYFMC was for the most part incomplete, and largely incorrect. The appropriate corrections were made, and it has been re-posted.


Ms. Caffero has never stalked  Mr McCampbell or his wife around the Village of Schiller Park photographing them and has never stalked them at their home.

Mr. Jeremy Hargus has never stalked Mr McCampbell’s family , and only files FOIA’s with Schiller Park School District 81 pursuing never-ending emails, and correspondence from the McCampbells, and never were they regarding their children.

Ms. Caffero’s husband never tried to sit behind Mr McCampbell at any public meetings with the attempt to get screen shoots of Mr McCampbells telephone with an IPad.

Mr. Don Delaney who now lives in McHenry County and a long time school board member in School District 81 writes a letter to the editor of the local newspaper and by sharing the truth, credits the McCampbell family for the resignation of a substantial number of special education staff at the end of the last school year, when clearly these staff members were moving on to prevent Mr McCampbell from destroying their professional career paths.   It is true that the biggest influence on the District 81 staff comes from the Administration, but when the Board of Education is influenced by Mr McCampbell this gets bad for the teachers, and ties the hands of the administrators of the district.

Mr. Rex Morioka has never questioned Mr McCampbell’s right to public input of his concerns as to issues in the Village and at the School District, Mr Morioka only wishes Mr McCampbell would start being a bit more positive.

During a few board meetings some members of the community as well as other’s continue to question Mr McCampbell’s input as nothing more then an attempt at career destruction of staff, and to give a false feeling of disagreement With Mr. David C. Stachura. who is an elected Board member that makes no attempt to stop or hinder Mr McCampbell’s attempts at the aforementioned destruction.

Dianne Caffero has been appointed by David C. Stachura to the Schiller Park School District 81 Finance Committee because she was only one of a very few members of the community that volunteered.

Mr. Rex Morioka and Mr. Jeremy Hargus being the only two members of the audience to volunteer have been begrudgingly appointed by Board President David C. Stachura to the District 81 Facilities Committee. Despite the Board’s very own Vice President’s repeated attempts to not accept them as volunteers.

So what is the fascination with the McCampbell’s? The list is not short. Links

So why do the McCampbells have a right to provide their own input to these elected officials through private channels, but when this is called into question publicly Mr McCampbell reacts by attacking the individual personal character of those who expose his lies, and untruths?

The efforts by members of this community are not being directed by some hidden “Puppet Master”  “who is directing and coordinating this concerted effort against the McCampbell family” and those aligned with him. It is the effort of concerned “Constituents” Of Schiller Park, and School District 81 who are distressed by the ceaseless mistreatment of the people who work in this community.

The only clear conclusion out of all of this, that can be reached is that Ms. Caffero, Mr. Hargus and Mr. Morioka exercise there constitutionally given right to defend the children’s education from outside influence of someone who claims to be doing the same, and has a substantial amount of input in public and in private with David C. Stachura and the Board of Education. It is my opinion ( and that of many others ) That Mr McCampbell uses this excuse to “Abuse” School staff members, and to intimidate community members all over the Chicago/O’Hare area. While guiding others to do the same.

How Much Influence Does Roy McCampbell have with David Stachura, Schiller Park School District 81 Board President? Educate yourself as to the answer, and the truth will astound you!



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