He is a pension fund pro!

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In this case Pro means Scoundrel.

On May 16th 2011 Mr McCampbell wrote an article breaking down Illinois pension fund problems, and It was a very comprehensive explanation of what the problems are. He did his research. What was his actual reason for all the research, and the article? Was it to share valuable information with the public? Was the article’s purpose a continuation of the cover up of his past with SEO noise, or did he do all the research in preparation of “Working the system” some more and thought he would share in an effort to boost his ego? Well it wasn’t enough the first time. The IRMF (Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund) reduced his allowed pension after he retired from Bellwood.

The IRMF’s purpose: “Our 2014 – 2016 Strategic Plan was developed to focus IMRF’s efforts on achieving our Strategic Objectives in the five key result areas of: Financial Health and Sustainability, Investment Returns, Customer Service and Operational Excellence, Workforce Engagement, and the Modernization Program. The Plan supports IMRF’s efforts to maintain our 100% funding goal, our defined benefit retirement plan, and our independent Board of Trustees.”

But the real question here. What does activities like those of Mr McCampbell, and many more do to the system?

IMRF (Illinois Municipal Retirement System) provides pensions for virtually all local government employees except Police and Fire who typically have their own pension funds. The vast majority of employees contribute 4.5% of their wages to IMRF. Most IMRF employees also receive Social Security.

In a Septeber 10th 2010 IMRF information flyer they site a calculation made by the Chicago Tribune that over the past 10 years, salary spiking at IMRF employers has cost taxpayers approximately $145 million. gm_603

You have to ask yourself how a middle class town like Bellwood with a population of about 19,000 ends up paying an Administrative Manager $358,561 for an annual salary. I mean the mayor of Chicago makes $180,000. The document below lists all IMRF retirees who made more than $250,000 the year they retired.


Mr McCampbell, Village of Bellwood is #12 on that list:

358,561 Salary    243,516 Pension

Mr McCampbell inflated his annual salary for IMRF pension purposes by selling off padded sick days to the tune of 52 to 63 thousand dollars in 2008 and 2009 respectively.  McCampbell’s W2 shows that in 2007 McCampbell was paid $259,600.28 in total compensation, due to his last contract, McCampbell ‘s compensation ballooned to $401,704.26 in 2008, approximately a 55% increase . The Village of Bellwood had at the time approximately 19,000 residents.

After McCampbell retired, IMRF pension benefits were reduced by the IMRF who would not give McCampbell credit for the vacation and sick leave he sold back and still had on the books due to the inflated nature of the benefit because it was unique to only McCampbell, no other Bellwood Village employee had the same ability or benefit therefore McCampbell did not get credit for it or for unsubstantiated employment at other village jobs. It is clear McCampbell worked very hard on getting his pension payment as high as he could at everyone else’s expense. With respect to his 2008 contract, McCampbell did not provide the Village Board members ‘ copies of the contract before or during the meeting at which the Board was asked to adopt an ordinance approving his five year employment agreement. Board members have reported that McCampbell refused to provide them with copies of his contracts and that he refused to state how much money he was making from the Village. In 2008, the Mayor even commissioned a report of all salaries in which McCampbell lied about his and his administrative assistants pay. The defendant as chief financial officer was in charge of payroll and the one who calculated his exact pay. The defendant took steps to make sure no one knew what he was doing, in 2008 when the Mayor of Bellwood asked the defendant’s secretary, to prepare a report of all the salaries of all the village employees. She prepared the report with her actual pay and the actual pay of McCampbell. When McCampbell reviewed the report, he ordered her to change her salary to her base pay without overtime, $46,000 instead of the $150,000 she was making due to the exorbitant overtime McCampbell was authorizing. McCampbell also ordered her to change his salary to his base contract amount of $125,000 instead of the. $401 , 704.26 he actually received in 2008 with selling back sick days.  She was relieved when McCampbell asked her to change the report and stated “McCampbell explained that the cover up was to protect the Mayor, which did not make sense”

Mr McCampbell worked very hard with his secretary, and the Village Accountant, calculating his pay and determining how it was paid out. and were the only people who saw the defendant’s contracts once they were signed. His assistant would tell McCampbel that his employment contracts were “kick ass” contracts and that she wanted McCampbell to write a contract for her someday. She confirmed that McCampbell wrote all his own contracts and bragged about his ability to get them signed stating “I’ll just give them a whole bunch of papers and it gets them confused and they’ll just sign anything” (talking about the Mayor and board of trustees) , McCampbell was known to carry a cart full of documents to meetings and just keep talking until he got what he wanted.

McCampbell for School board!!.




The above article was written with information taken from the following links:






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