Thank you everyone!


I want to take one moment to thank each of the hundreds of people that have contributed or have sent support in the last few weeks. When I had to start over for technical reasons I had a plethora of emails asking what happened. I was flabbergasted at the outpouring! Not only from this community, but from outlying suburbs like Springfield, Arlington Heights, Rosemont, and Bellwood to name a small few! Before the reboot I was over three thousand page views in about a week, and It only took a few days for the page views to get back into the hundreds! It stokes the fires to see that people are paying attention, and it only motivates me to continue the fight! Our Community is in trouble, and what is happening damages our entire town.

I can still be found here, on my facebook page or profile.

I can also be emailed at




One thought on “Thank you everyone!

  1. Great work! Thank you for taking the time to address this matter and help our residents become more aware of what is going on around them! Bravo!


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