Who is James J Tompson?

Who IS

James “Jimjim” Tompson

Original post by Roy F McCampbell on 10-17-14 (Subsequently Deleted on or around Oct 20th 2014)

Edited and corrected by James J Tompson

So who is Jim Thompson, who is marauding on Facebook?  You can find him at https://www.facebook.com/jimjimtompson (Corection you can find me at James J Tompson) Clearly he has decided to specialize in trash talk Telling the truth and he has decided to make me his special personal project. Don’t forget Mr Stachura

It should terrify please every other parent that Rex Morioka would support this individual trashing telling the truth about another parent on the Facebook page “Parents of SD 81″ page. If this page was meant as Rex portrays ” This group is for the parents and citizens of Schiller Park to come together constructively discuss School Board District 81 Agendas in order to maintain a high quality of education of our School district for current and future students of Kennedy, Washington and Lincoln.” , then he wouldn’t be supporting the continued posting of a fictional facebook member called Jim Tompson”  would be successful!

Who wants to be involved in a parent organization that trashes parents tells the truth about a parents activity causing chaos in a community of children? <– I know I would!

The question is “Who is Jim Tompson” ? Someone who knows you more then you have ever imagined. So well in fact I choose to remain partially anonymous for my own Protection. I was there when you fell from grace in Bellwood, and The part of this entire endeavor that I am most pleased with is that my name is actually James J Tompson, and I am a resident of this community, that is my only facebook presence, I was born here, and recently came back to find seahorse still causing problems as usual. The profile is real, and so am I. I have spoken with past clients, and we have worked in the same buildings. We have shaken hands, and I have seen a tear roll down your cheek (when you Fell from grace in bellwood) I know you very well, as do you me!

Is it Rex Morioka, the only page moderator to allow “Jim Tompson” on his page ?

Is it Dr. Kim Boryszewski, Superintendent or the District Communication Director, Kathy Brandt, who are trying to get back at Roy McCampbell because of the questions he continues to raise about the District ? <– I am absolutely honored you would think I am any of the above individuals. I do not however know them personally, but their records speak for them!

There are alot of suspects but no answers. Someone knows and at some point we will all know. <— You know me already, think way back. If I were a betting man I would lay odds your personality would have never committed me to memory, as i suited no true purpose to your end goals.

Clearly, the goal of his posts are to distract from the tell the truth about the real issues and concerns of the residents of District 81, and his name is Roy F McCampbell!




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