Setting the records strait AGAIN!


Original article written by ROYFMC “Let’s Set the Record Straight”, (Subsequently Deleted on or around Oct 20th 2014)

Roy F. McCampbell is not running for the Schiller Park School District 81 Board of Education in April, 2015, or for that matter any Board of Education. I spent 12 years on the Schiller Park School District 81 Board of Education from 1985 thru 1997 serving as President for 10 of those years. <— See below, and might i add thank goodness!


Exhibit A

I was approached this Fall and encouraged to consider running for the Board of Education of District 81. But clearly this would not serve any purpose in my life or my family’s lives at this time. I have not had any petitions circulated for the election nor prepared for circulation. <— Approached by Mr Stachura maybe?

It would further open my children to attacks by the District administration as well as interfer with my special education advocacy that I am currently pursuing in behalf of many families throughout the Chicagoland area. Many of whom I represent pro-bono. <— I feel truly sorry for any guidance you give to any family in need of advice. (See Employment in bellwood articles, and examples of missconduct)

So why would I even have considered such a pursuit ? <— To inflate your Narcissistic EGO

Because I have concerned over the actions of the Administration of District 81. <— You have been trying for years. If you actually had anything of truth the people you have accused would no longer be employed.

The District closed 2012-13 with a surplus of almost $1.5 million, and yet after this was known the Board of Education adopted a maximum levy on the taxpayers of the District, knowing full well that on a $19 million dollar budget they have a reserve fund of $14 million. When recommended practice is to have a reserve of 25% of the operating budget or translated for this District about $4.5 million. <— A perfect example of you small knowledge of the situation, and the needs of a School District

Then I became aware during a presentation recently on the new budget that the District closed 2013-14 with an additional surplus of $1 million. What is the Board of Education going to do this year ? Adopt a maximum levy again ? <— See above

The Board of Education should have considered and adopted a policy this past year to set what the reserves should be maintained at during the budget year, ie., 25% of operating budget. This was not done. Without this type of Board direction, the Administration does whatever they want. <— Sounds like you are prepairing to run for School Board

In the Spring of 2013, I brought to the attention of the then Director of Special Education, Kim Cline, (Who you ran out of town) that the District was not following the law and ISBE regulations regarding the management and security of student records. The District refused to acknowledge the errors of their way. In the Winter of 2014, after Mr. Jeremy Hargus secured 702 pages of documents, I filed a complaint with ISBE to review the conduct of District 81, and as I have written previously,  ISBE agreed with my concerns and required the District personnel to be trained in student records management and institute a tracking system for who looks at the files of students. <— Thank god for your service! Wait wasnt that 702 page document all of your emails for less then a year?

I could write significantly more regarding the problems of the District, but this will play out over the next several months as the election progresses. <— The Narcissist sacrifices all for the well being of others!

Schiller Park District 81 residents need to ask the candidates the hard questions and demand accountability for the Administration’s actions. <— And demand that the School Board stops the bullying of the district by one man ie Roy F McCampbell


One thought on “Setting the records strait AGAIN!

  1. This is much more accurate. Roy would never run for school board because he could never win. Intelligent people can not stand the man. He left the school board when they voted him out as president.


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