The exorcism of Roy F McCampbell.

The Last Exorcism ending

So what is Roy F McCampbell trying to do by making his headlining blog invitation only?

Is he trying to hide all the hateful attacks against quality members of this community, and staff of the school district?

Is he trying to hide all the dead Google links to the items he has been deleting in the vain attempt to save what’s left of his false persona?

Is the harasser himself trying to build a harassment case against this blog by hiding all the harassing he has written, and items I have quoted, and copied from his very own posts, and pages?

Is he being guided by an outside party in an attempt to stop the truth?

Could Roy McCampbell be trying to save what few friends he has remaining that still believe his lies? have they fallen victim to his treachery, or are they stuck in his narcissistic web of untruths?

He has made a career of outright trying to destroy people’s livelihoods, and make himself look better in the process. Making them look as bad as he can in the name of good, but this is, and always has been a lie. It is my opinion that there is very little to no good in Roy McCampbell’s motivations, even when it comes to his two youngest family members. It’s also my opinion, and that of many others that it has all been an attempt to cover up his past on the inter-web and social media pages. If you research Roy F McCampbell you no longer get his tireless attempts at personal salvation through social media outlets that preach his false vigilantism. You now get his past, and true personality. You get the things he has done to destroy other communities with his self serving interests. Roy McCampbell has for many years been attacking the good people of this and other towns who do not give him what he wants. Continuing to follow them even after their hurried departure from his sphere of influence.

Long before his beginnings on the social media circuit Roy McCampbell started practicing what some have called career or character assassination. A qualifying example of these activities is Dr. Kimberly Boryszewski. Roy McCampbell’s attacks have raged on against the School District 81 Superintendent for almost a decade with no end in site. 100s of complaints against Dr. Boryszewski and the district with no actual substance, and for the sole purpose of control through fear. Let’s also not forget the special education director he pushed out of the school district, or the school nurse your children no longer have due to his “issues” with her. He would say that he was cleaning house, and that it was all in the name of good for the protection of your children. “Every organization needs a good exorcism” McCampbell stated once in a now deleted or hidden blog post, and he is right. This town does need a good exorcism.

The exorcism of Roy F McCampbell

The one thing I will guarantee you he is doing by making his blog invitation only is making most of this community very very happy!

Community Announcement:

Once something is posted on the internet it can never be deleted!


Don’t be fooled!

Stand up, and Speak out!


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