Censorship on a Facebook “Community” page


Taken from The facebook Page Resident Citizens Community Alliance

So, I’m going to reign in the negative and personal attacks on this page as they seem to be increasing. I am in complete agreement that people are entitled to their personal opinion regarding others, but this page was not created for personal attacks on other community members. I am respectfully requesting that the personal and continuous attacks on people stop, or I will be removing the habitual offenders. Thank you in advance.

~  Yorty Michael  –  Facebook

For how long has sharing the truth of a situation been considered personal attacks? Negative, some times, but a personal attack? Or are those the words of Roy F McCampbell being shared through the mouth (Or keyboard) of another?

Did Roy F McCampbell convince a prospective village trustee candidate that he should stop sharing the truth of his shenanigans or else?

The following is the message I have sent to The owner of Resident Citizens Community Alliance.

Is not the name of this page “Resident Citizens Community Alliance of Schiller Park”? That name suggests a place to share things that effect this community. They are some times harsh, but they are true. The posts are built from facts found from reputable news sources. Mixed with some personal and shared opinions. The limiting of my topics started when I was denied access to this page, and then blocked from it. This is your prerogative, but why have such a page if it will be censored. It is apparent to me that in this towns environment people still give Roy F McCampbell a podium in witch to preach his hate, and negativity. When someone returns him the attention some people help him to further his cause, and agreeing to limit his exposure to his past and history. My Question is what has caused you to make such choices?

No response, but I’m assuming he is very busy preparing for his upcoming trustee campaign. If  a response to my question comes I will edit this page.


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