Some useful, and not so useful links.

  chain links

Some additional Facebook pages. The first four belong to me, and just share this blog. The last three belong to other citizens, and are new. They seem fair and open to sharing information in all of its forms as long as its truthful.

The destruction of Schiller Park

Special Education in Leyden Township School Districts

Schiller Park is in trouble

Schiller Park School District 81 Board Follies

Schiller Park – Uncensored <— New, seems truthful

Schiller Park Issues and Opinions <— New, seems truthful

Parents of SD81 <— Not new, but a great community page.

Non-truthful or heavily censored Schiller Park pages on Facebook. Also pages I have been removed from. I know there is more pages out there, and I would be excited to update this list with anything you send. Assume that any page or blog created by Roy F McCampbell is untruthful, and wholly based in miss-information.

Schiller Park Commentaries <— Non-truthful Owned by Roy F McCampbell

Resident Citizens Community <— Censored

Schiller Park School District 81 Forum <— Owned by Roy

Schiller Park Illinois Open Discussion of Community Issues <— Owned by Roy

SCHILLER PARK TOWN TALK <— also censored with a Zero tolerance policy.

Twitter Links that I know of.

My Twitter

Schiller Park Uncensored

Roy’s twitter place for lies <— Now private to hide his bullying

Web Blogs, some good some bad

This blog of-course <— I try my best to report the truth. I also add my opinions from time to time, and I ask the hard questions.

Topix <— Schiller Park Section. Posts by other people regarding ROYFMC <— It has been heavily edited recently to remove all of his hateful, bullying, and harassing posts. Most can still be found Cached on Google, and all can be found with a court order. Lies, and miss- information <— Also now private, and with many posts having been deleted. Most if not all stored in Google cache, and all still on internet archives. It was his main location for spreading his hate speech, and miss-information. Most of his other blogs were nothing more then attempts at adding web hits to the topics. Lies, and miss-information If you ever need bad legal advice from a lawyer with a reputation for cheating people, and working the system click the link.

A new news link about a citizen of Schiller Park

McCampbell BGA Article

Some older links to his back story and dirty deals.


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