Special School Board Meeting?


last night Katherine Ewanio Janis (long time friend of Roy F McCampbell, and David C Stachura) made a post in Schiller Park commentaries (page owned by Roy F McCampbell, and devoid of anyone apposing him)

It is very disturbing that such pure evil exists in Schiller Park. Pray for the persecuted and the persecutors.

~ Kathie Ewanio Janis

Prey for the persecuted, and the persecutors? What could she mean by this statement? Could she be commenting on the recently released agenda for the special school board meeting this evening, and the private details of this very special meeting? If so how would she know the subject matter of such a meeting? This is a private closed session that no one other than board members, and possibly the “cummunity member” mentioned in the agenda knows about. Is Katherine Ewanio Janis “the community member”? I don’t think so. Since she was politely asked to resign/retire from her position as a teacher in SD81 do to her despicable actions in her classroom aided by her cohort and recently fired Steven Chavez. She has only minimally spoken up, and only in defense of her friends Roy F McCampbell, and David Stachura.

Could Mary Jane Goldthwaite be “The community member”? It is a very strong possibility, and considering her very simple comment of “yep” one and a half hours after the original post it is at least clear she knows what Katherine Janis is talking about. More likely it is Roy F McCampbell, Mary Jane Goldthwait’s dear husband (Despite the different last names more on this later). But for what reason? Is he pursuing more legal actions against the School District in his tireless efforts at emptying our schools of all of the teaching staff, and administrators? We may not ever know the reasons for the meeting or who “The community member” is, and Katherine Ewanio Janis may just be speaking about the weather, her son running for a village position, or the raising of gas prices. One thing is for sure, and can not be said enough. Its time to stop being fooled! Stand up, and speak out against the people destroying our town, and schools!

Link to the agenda for tonight special School Board meeting.


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