Thank you again, and again, and again!


I began this blog with one purpose, to bring the truth about one person to the surface of this community before his madness brings the town to a point of disrepair that can not easily be recovered. To expose him to people that have been misguided by his lies and deceit. I have no interest in subtracting his friends and family from his side, even criminals need support when times get hard, and they soon will for Mr McCampbell. Residents (and School Board President) David Stachura, Robert Murbach, Steven Chavez, Jenifer Rossado, Timothy Cooper, Tony Clementi, Justin Torres, Stan Baron and Katherine Janis have been his friends for a long time, and they deserve each other. Although what they get from the relationship is still unknown to many. I wanted the people who are not close to him, and are swayed by his personality to see the truth through the fog. I share facts found on the internet, news articles, and F.O.I.A. information. I include my opinions based on what I have read, and I share anonymous information that I have proven to be true, or at-least plausible, and I post his attacks on people of this and other communities. Examples being the endless, Blog (Blogs actually), Twitter, Tumbler, and Pinterest to name a few. Yes Roy McCampbell made a Pinterest to share his destruction of the school district and its personnel. I don’t want him to suffer a loss of bushiness at his law practice, because everyone needs bad legal advice, but I do want the people considering retaining his services or supporting his efforts to make there decision with all the facts at hand. I want people to see what his past actually is when they search, and not the disguise he has manufactured. I want people to see his true colors so to speak.

The out pouring of support from this town has been wonderful, and amazing. The amounts of emails I have received, and continue to receive daily is hard to even manage. I don’t do this for me. I don’t do this for political gain, or to further any agenda other then trying to help this town repair, and move forward.

Thank you, thank you, thank you again from the bottom of this old mans heart!



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