Playing political games with the education of children.


The puppet, and the puppet master.

It has come to my attention that Mr Stachura’s wife is in the hospital, and was the night of the special board meeting. Whether I agree with his methods or reasons matters not, and I pray for a prompt recovery and return home for his wife.

This past Wednesday evening there was a special school board meeting of School District 81 in Schiller Park. The subject matter of the board meeting is still unknown, and will possibly remain that way, but one thing that is absolute is the attendance of that meeting. When it was called to order a few minutes after 730 there was three empty seats still remaining behind the board table. David C Stachura (his wife was in the hospital), Patricia Godziszewski, and John Kowalski seemingly did not feel the need to attend.

Jeremy J Hargus, a community member, potential school board candidate and a once, very vocal adversary of Roy F McCampbell and David C Stachura described their absence in a Facebook post as a dereliction of duty. Dereliction of duty is a specific offense under United States Code Title 10,892. Article 92 and applies to all branches of the US military. A service member who is derelict has willfully refused to perform his duties and this is a term Mr Stachura should be familiar with being a veteran, and although they are not in the military it is public service, and still fits as the definition and description of the three members actions. Mr Stachura is the school board president and should lead by an example of doing what is good for the district and the community, but instead he leads with an example of personal agendas, and selfish biased decisions not in fact in the best interests of the School District, the community, or it’s tax payers.

Why did these three two board members who have been United on a common front more often then not decide to skip the board meeting Wednesday night? Was it some sort of attempt at making a political statement? Or did the special board meeting have something to do with one or all of them? My guess is still the subject of the meeting was Roy F McCampbell, and the three derelict members of the board refused to attend in protest of actions taken against their friend and companion. So indirectly and in theory the meeting was also about the three missing board members. Because any actions taken against “the community member” involves them. This hypothesis makes the most sense, and taking into consideration the past actions of all the parties involved is most likely the reason for their lack of attendance. The board president, and Vice President with the robotic like programming of John Kowalski have supported Roy McCampbell in all of his endeavors to disrupt the education and daily business of this school district. They have also done a fair amount of this by their own hand, and would not be happy with anyone who is trying to slow their efforts at pushing this school district further into the ground. But for what reason? Some have said it’s simply because he is power hungry and exacting revenge on those who marginalized him when he was not the board president. Others have stated he just does it because he can, and has no Interest In education or the community.

Either way the misalignment of rational thought and good reasoning has lead these public servants to side with people not driven by good intentions, and the only people who suffer for this betrayal of the public trust is the children of Schiller park.






(Thank you for sharing the events of the meeting with me)


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