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The following is a letter sent to two community members. I do not claim to completely understand the inner workings of a school district, but this appears to be one not so small step in the right direction for the education of the children of this town, and the safety of its school staff.

The original document is linked at the bottom, as is my F.O.I.A. request.


Dear Roy and Mary Jane:
The Board of Education of Schiller Park School District 81 authorized me at the Board of Education meeting held last night, November 5, 2014, to respond to your recent allegations against Superintendent Dr. Kimberly Boryszewski.

Your continued allegations against Dr. Boryszewski have risen to the level of harassment. Your allegations are irrational in nature and are escalating in both frequency and hyperbole/exaggeration, which has caused Dr. Boryszewski to fear for her personal safety. Your allegations are replete with innuendo and suspicion and are not based on fact. For these reasons, your allegations will not be investigated pursuant to the Board of Education’s Uniform Grievance Procedure (Board Policy 2:260). Dr. Boryszewski has attempted to work collaboratively with you over many years, including as recently as Tuesday, October 28, 2014, when she met with you (Roy) in person in an effort to ‘clear the air’ and foster a working relationship with you. At the present time, her continued attempts to do so are futile given your conduct.

The Board of Education considered issuing a no trespass directive to you pursuant to section 5/21-5(a) of the Illinois Criminal Code of 2012 [720 ILCS 5/21-5 – Criminal Trespass to State Supported Land] which gives public bodies the authority to prohibit individuals from entering land supported with State funds after they have received notice that their presence on the land is forbidden. However, the Board of Education has decided not to place this restriction on you at this time, in the best interest of your children. The Board of Education asked me to convey to you that it will reconsider this decision if you do not conform your behavior to the directives contained in this letter or if other circumstances warrant reconsideration.
Dr. Boryszewski has notified the Schiller Park Police Department of her concerns
for her personal safety and a copy of this letter will be provided to the Chief of Police, Anthony Brzezniak. Because of the seriousness and extent of your harassing conduct specifically directed toward Dr. Boryszewski, you are directed not to communicate with Dr. Boryszewski in any manner, including written, verbal and/or electronic communication. All matters relating to your children’s educations shall be directed to the following individuals, whom you are authorized to communicate with:
· Constance Stavrou (Principal Lincoln Middle School)
· Brian Amsler (Assistant Principal Lincoln Middle School)
· Darcy L. Kriha (Board of Education attorney at Franczek Radelet P.C.)

You may communicate with other District staff members serving your children
in the normal course. Roy, I also want to clarify that in your capacity as counsel for
certain families in the District, no restrictions are being placed on your communications in those contexts, with the exception that you may not communicate with Dr. Boryszewski under any circumstance.

As examples of your harassing conduct, you have made the following allegations
in just the last month, all of which are false and are categorically denied:
· That Dr. Boryszewski is “inciting the community at large” against your family.
· That Dr. Boryszewski brings a binder with her to meetings that contains
and that she uses this binder as a “prop.”
· That Dr. Boryszewski’s “profile” is one that you “have witnessed in the last 7
years of ‘everything being about her,’ and her ongoing efforts to incite the
community against our family.”
· That Dr. Boryszewski “continuously makes various negative comments” in
reference to your family.
· That there has been a “constant effort by persons associated with Schiller Park
School District 81 to ‘shame’” you and that you have concluded that these efforts
“clearly appear to be emanating from the Superintendent.”
· That individuals have been solicited to “work as proxies for the Superintendent
and or Board of Education in a very hateful pursuit of me and my family.”
· That Dr. Boryszewski has utilized “proxies to take this controversy to the
community at large and negatively impact my family and children.”
· That the situation is “a boiling controversy that never ceases to end between my
family and the Superintendent.”
· That Dr. Boryszewski has encouraged the “mythical character” James Tompson
to file FOIA requests “furthering the intrigue … thereby supporting the
Superintendent’s continuous conduct of inciting the community against our
· That “James Tompson” is a “nom de guerre being used by someone associated
with Schiller Park School District 81 to trash me and my family” and that the
information that James Tompson is using has been provided to him by District
· That the District is purposefully hiding James Tompson’s “false identity” … and
that James Tompson is “being supported by the Administration to intentionally
hurt my family….”

You indicated that “less than 24 hours after the meeting [held on Tuesday,
October 28, 2014] my wife was receiving communications from an array of community members advising her about not only the meeting occurring but also very jaded details in favor of the Superintendent coming out of that meeting.” Please consider this letter a standing request for the names and contact information for the community members you are referencing. Your request for copies will be treated as a student records request under the Illinois School Student Records Act and will be honored within the 15 school day timeline set forth therein. 105 ILCS 10/5(c).
During our meeting held on Tuesday, October 28, 2014, the District offered to
hold regularly scheduled meetings with you to discuss any concerns that you had
regarding your children’s educations. This offer stands. Dr. Boryszewski will specifically not be a participant during these meetings. A meeting schedule will be sent to you under separate cover. These meetings will be audio-recorded and maintained as a student record, with copies of the recordings provided to you within 48 hours after the conclusion of each meeting.
Your requests that the District participate in mediation and appoint a third party
to conduct an investigation are both denied.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the directives contained in
this letter.
Darcy L. Kriha

cc: Members of the Board of Education, Schiller Park School District 81
Dr. Kimberly Boryszewski, Superintendent of Schools
Anthony C. Brzezniak, Chief of Police, Schiller Park Police Department
Constance Stavrou, Principal Lincoln Middle School
Brian Amsler, Assistant Principal Lincoln Middle School

The original document redacted communication directive_Redacted-c-c-c 2

F.O.I.A. request response for document FOIA_jtompsonresponseltr_11.10.14


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