Directive Breakdown


Let me first start by saying I am very happy to see that Mr Stachura’s wife has made a full recovery, and was in good enough health to attend both the Mayor’s dinner, and a fund raiser for the Citizens United Party. The CUP as the candidates call it could not ask for more honest and trustworthy supporters then David Stachura, Mary Jane Goldthwaite, and Roy F McCampbell!

Dear Roy and Mary Jane:
The Board of Education of Schiller Park School District 81 authorized me at the Board of Education meeting held last night, November 5, 2014, to respond to your recent allegations against Superintendent Dr. Kimberly Boryszewski. This explains a lot about the people who did, and did not feel the need to attend the meeting. The very obvious political posturing of the boards leadership, and their follower is another prime example of their lack of dedication to the school district. Patricia Godziszewski being just as guilty as David Stachura. This was a very important meeting, and it set the stage for the protection of the staff of District 81.

Your continued allegations against Dr. Boryszewski have risen to the level of harassment. Your allegations are irrational in nature and are escalating in both frequency and hyperbole/exaggeration, which has caused Dr. Boryszewski to fear for her personal safety. Your allegations are replete with innuendo and suspicion and are not based on fact. For these reasons, your allegations will not be investigated pursuant to the Board of Education’s Uniform Grievance Procedure (Board Policy 2:260). Dr. Boryszewski has attempted to work collaboratively with you over many years, including as recently as Tuesday, October 28, 2014, when she met with you (Roy) in person in an effort to ‘clear the air’ and foster a working relationship with you. At the present time, her continued attempts to do so are futile given your conduct. It is nice to see that the district finally has a law firm that has the best interests of the district, and its staff at heart. The harassment of the Superintendent of schools is being noticed by people who are in a position to do something about it. Even though the school board should be able to protect the administration, until recently it has not been able to do so. Either by choice of David Stachura, and Patricia Godziszewski, or by lack of majority.  It is also not surprising that any attempts to foster a good working relationship with the McCampbell family would find no success.

The Board of Education considered issuing a no trespass directive to you pursuant to section 5/21-5(a) of the Illinois Criminal Code of 2012 [720 ILCS 5/21-5 – Criminal Trespass to State Supported Land] which gives public bodies the authority to prohibit individuals from entering land supported with State funds after they have received notice that their presence on the land is forbidden. However, the Board of Education has decided not to place this restriction on you at this time, in the best interest of your children. The Board of Education asked me to convey to you that it will reconsider this decision if you do not conform your behavior to the directives contained in this letter or if other circumstances warrant reconsideration. It is a very sad situation when this had to be considered, but because the District has nothing but the interests of children as their motivation it is of no surprise that this action has been held back. I do also believe that it may still be put to use. Mr Roy McCampbells harassment will not stop until he has been convicted, and imprisoned.
Dr. Boryszewski has notified the Schiller Park Police Department of her concerns for her personal safety and a copy of this letter will be provided to the Chief of Police, Anthony Brzezniak. I know for a fact that the Schiller Park Police Department will take this very seriously, and this is not the first complaint lodged against either of the McCampbell adults, and you can bet on it not being the last. Because of the seriousness and extent of your harassing conduct specifically directed toward Dr. Boryszewski, you are directed not to communicate with Dr. Boryszewski in any manner, including written, verbal and/or electronic communication. All matters relating to your children’s educations shall be directed to the following individuals, whom you are authorized to communicate with:
· Constance Stavrou (Principal Lincoln Middle School)
· Brian Amsler (Assistant Principal Lincoln Middle School)
· Darcy L. Kriha (Board of Education attorney at Franczek Radelet P.C.)

You may communicate with other District staff members serving your children in the normal course. Roy, I also want to clarify that in your capacity as counsel for certain families in the District, no restrictions are being placed on your communications in those contexts, with the exception that you may not communicate with Dr. Boryszewski under any circumstance. I still can not understand that with all that is known about this individual there is people that would take his legal advice, or look to him for guidance in times of difficulty. He used his position, and knowledge as a lawyer for personal gain through theft, and misconduct. There is many quality, knowledgeable, and free legal aid services available. People who actually have the best interests of children, and special education in their heart. People who understand how to work together to achieve a meaningful, and valuable outcome. Lets not forget that his/their advocacy for their own child resulted in that child being removed from his school by the school. How did that help or benefit the child’s education?

As examples of your harassing conduct, you have made the following allegations
in just the last month, all of which are false and are categorically denied:
· That Dr. Boryszewski is “inciting the community at large” against your family. – This is ridiculous, but a typical Roy McCampbell mindset. To him there is no capability for intelligent self thought in this town. That is why he has chosen his close personal friends, and the reason he seeks out certain individuals in this community. There is a specific personality type that is open to the narcissists influance. He finds them fast, and converts them easily. These people give him the perceived power he craves, and the added motivation to continue his war on education, and good government. The “community” as a group is full of very intelligent residents with a mind of their own who know how to read, and think for themselves.
· That Dr. Boryszewski brings a binder with her to meetings that contains and that she uses this binder as a “prop.” A prop? Like Roy F McCampbells stack of papers used to confuse the village board of Bellwood until they gave him what he wanted? The difference if I had to guess is that Dr Boryszewski’s “binder” has things of value in it that pertain to the subject at hand.
· That Dr. Boryszewski’s “profile” is one that you “have witnessed in the last 7 years of ‘everything being about her,’ and her ongoing efforts to incite the community against our family.” She does not fit the “profile” of a narcissist. This is an attempt by Mr McCampbell to project his issues onto another individual, and to distract from his own shortcomings.
· That Dr. Boryszewski “continuously makes various negative comments” in reference to your family. Very unlikely.
· That there has been a “constant effort by persons associated with Schiller Park School District 81 to ‘shame’” you and that you have concluded that these efforts “clearly appear to be emanating from the Superintendent.” Because in the mind of Roy F McCampbell no one has the ability to think on their own. He feels this way because he has no friends that have such an ability. He guides all of his “McCampbellites” in the ways of harassment, and therefor so must his opponent, because to him this is just a game.
· That individuals have been solicited to “work as proxies for the Superintendent and or Board of Education in a very hateful pursuit of me and my family.” He would of-course think this is the case for everyone as this is his situation with David C Stachura, and Patricia Godziszewski. They are his “Proxies” and should be dealt with as such.
· That Dr. Boryszewski has utilized “proxies to take this controversy to the community at large and negatively impact my family and children.” No “Proxies” like his own, and the damage they have helped cause. His “Proxies” have been taking his made up controversies to the community for years. David Stachura, and Patricia Godziszewski have still not found the rampant corruption they preached on about during the last election. Guided by Mr McCampbell I am 100% sure.
· That the situation is “a boiling controversy that never ceases to end between my family and the Superintendent.” By his own doing. The attempts have been repeatedly made to come to an understanding, and every time have ended in failure. An understanding in the McCampbell vocabulary translates to his way.
· That Dr. Boryszewski has encouraged the “mythical character” James Tompson to file FOIA requests “furthering the intrigue … thereby supporting the Superintendent’s continuous conduct of inciting the community against our family.” I am sorry for dashing your hopes Mr McCampbell, but I have never spoken to the Superintendent of schools. Although I would welcome any conversation there has never been any type of discussion let alone about you or your family.
· That “James Tompson” is a “nom de guerre being used by someone associated with Schiller Park School District 81 to trash me and my family” and that the information that James Tompson is using has been provided to him by District personnel. Là encore, comme je l’ai dit avant aucune des informations que je l’ai posté a été donné à moi par quelqu’un «associé» avec le district scolaire 81. Au moins pas de celui qui y travaille , mais de nombreux résidents ont partagé des informations avec moi, et de continuer à tous les jours . <— I can also use french words to make myself sound more intelligent.
· That the District is purposefully hiding James Tompson’s “false identity” … and that James Tompson is “being supported by the Administration to intentionally hurt my family….” I will reiterate something I have stated before. I am supported by any intelligent individuals who are able to do their own research, think for themselves, and verify my postings, people who care about the destruction of Schiller Park and its Schools. I will also add that a lot of people know me, and not one is hiding my “false identity” as it is not false, and I am very real. I also do not know any of the staff of the schools so how could they possibly hide my identity?

You indicated that “less than 24 hours after the meeting [held on Tuesday, October 28, 2014] my wife was receiving communications from an array of community members advising her about not only the meeting occurring but also very jaded details in favor of the Superintendent coming out of that meeting.” Please consider this letter a standing request for the names and contact information for the community members you are referencing. I can help with a few of the names, David C Stachura, and Patricia Godziszewski, Your request for copies will be treated as a student records request under the Illinois School Student Records Act and will be honored within the 15 school day timeline set forth therein. 105 ILCS 10/5(c).

During our meeting held on Tuesday, October 28, 2014, the District offered to hold regularly scheduled meetings with you to discuss any concerns that you had regarding your children’s educations. This offer stands. Dr. Boryszewski will specifically not be a participant during these meetings. A meeting schedule will be sent to you under separate cover. These meetings will be audio-recorded and maintained as a student record, with copies of the recordings provided to you within 48 hours after the conclusion of each meeting. Your requests that the District participate in mediation and appoint a third party to conduct an investigation are both denied. This no doubt would have cost the community more money, and taken away from the education of the children in the district. But to what end? Mr McCampbell will never fully get what he craves, and therefore will never stop attacking/harassing.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the directives contained in this letter.
Darcy L. Kriha DLK

cc: Members of the Board of Education, Schiller Park School District 81
Dr. Kimberly Boryszewski, Superintendent of Schools
Anthony C. Brzezniak, Chief of Police, Schiller Park Police Department
Constance Stavrou, Principal Lincoln Middle School
Brian Amsler, Assistant Principal Lincoln Middle School

It appears that after reading this letter in its entirety the the Evil people in this community Ms Kathy Janis was speaking of must have been Roy McCampbell, and Mary Jane Goldthwaite.You should also stay away from mirrors Kathy Janis. I have heard some stories the past few days. As they say “It takes one to know one”


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