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Three of the attendees/supporters at last nights Citizens United Party fundraiser were Roy F McCampbell, Mary Jane Goldthwaite, and David C Stachura (the three stooges). My questions to Kenneth McNeil, Chris Davoli, and Micheal Yorty are as follows.

1. Do you want the public support of a resident under indictment for such things as theft, and official misconduct?

2. Do you want the support of the wife of the individual listed above, who is also the second resident recently named in a letter written by the school districts attorney telling them to cease all communications with the superintendent of schools because of their harassment?

3. Do you want the support of one of the people who was able to get their own child kicked out of their school for similar “Abuse” being done to District 81 staff? Yes I have issues with parents that put themselves above their children.

4. Do you want the support of an individual who neglects his own elected office for his political posturing? Or has done everything in his power to help the McCampbells in their activities against the district?

5. Mr McNeil will your meeting attendance record as a trustee be better then that of your School board attendance?

6. You mention on your Facebook page that there is bullying of village employees. What will the three of you do to help stop the bullying from community members towards the village? Not just Mr McCampbell.

You have stated you want to end Cronyism, but you can’t do that with the support of Schiller Park’s top cronies.

We have broken government in Schiller Park that needs professionals to help guide our town in the next 100 years, end nepotism, cronyism and patronage.

Quote above from the C.U.P. Facebook.

The individuals that candidates accept as there supporters says a lot for their political and personal mindset, and should be taken into consideration when residents consider their voting choices. “Alleged” criminals, and people who shrug off their own public office for personal and professional gain should be kept at a distance. I can only hope that this fundraiser is an example of being kind and not kicking people out as opposed to accepting them and their money with open arms, and smiles.


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