The questions of the day


There is a regular school board meeting tomorrow night 7pm at Lincoln Middle School in the Little Theater. The agenda found here has a line of some curiosity. As usual it may be nothing of any great circumstance, or is it?


C. Discussion of letter dated November 4, 2014 sent to the Board of Education’s attorney, Darcy Kriha, from Board President David Stachura and Vice President Patricia Godziszewski.

Did this letter dated November 4th have anything to do with the November 5th special meeting, or the subject of that meeting?

Did their letter contain an attempt by the Board Leadership to delay or alter the special meeting and its outcome?

Was the letter on behalf of the entire board, or another example of the School Board President, and Vice President acting on their own, and again abusing their positions as they have done in the past?

Will David C Stachura, Patricia Godziszewski, and John Kowalski be in attendance at this meeting, or will they be making another political statement? David’s wife attended a few village events last week so the family emergency seems to thankfully be over.

Will Mr Roy F McCampbell make an appearance at this meeting or follow the lead of his close friend of 40 years, and continue his charade at appearing as the victim?

Appearing being the operative word in this situation. Based off of the letter that resulted from the November 5th Special Meeting, It has been made clear that the actual victims of this situation are first and foremost the students of Schiller Park’s Public Schools, followed closely by the top administrator of the School District Dr Kimberly Boryszewski. Lets all keep in mind that the perpetrators of these harassment’s are not just the McCampbell husband and wife, but also the School Board leadership who continually take a stand on the side of an individual waiting for an indictment trial to begin. They continually fail to protect the District, and its staff, and now also support candidates for village trustee positions that are urging all of the village candidates and politicians to turn their backs on the issues in the School Board. Why would the School Board President, and Vice President want the political parties of the town to turn their backs? Do they not want anymore attention brought to their activities?

Don’t just stand up, ad speak out. Stop and listen to what is going on in Schiller Park School District 81. Look at all the good that is being done by the staff, and families that take an active part in your children’s educational experience. Look at the hard work and dedication of  the teachers who spend so much of their personal time making sure your children get the best education possible. This is a beautiful town with a fantastic school district that is being slowly disassembled from the inside by the actions of David C Stachura, Patricia Godziszewski, and by the inaction of John Kowalski. With the outside influence of Roy F McCampbell.




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