I am a tool!


Or at least that is what I have been called by the School Board President and Vice President, and you know what I am ok with this description. Tools fix things, and I by no means think I can or will ever fix anything myself, but I at least share all the truth I can find, and hope it makes a little bit of a difference. Tools have a purpose, and a tool alone can fix some things, but an entire tool box can rebuild the world!

I have been told that last nights school board meeting was a good one. Some excellent examples of excellence. The bills were paid with out a hitch, and the School District is doing well with our money. There was also an attempt at discussing a letter sent to the District legal council from the School Board President (David C Stachura), and Vice President (Patricia Goszisewski). Mr Stachura was absent from this meeting, and after the letter was read a few times the Vice President seemingly chose not to comment without the co-author of the document. The co-co-author was also not in present, but made sure he had a few McCampbellites in attendance.

The following is the letter intended for discussion: 1347659_1_Redacted-c

Nov. 4, 2014

Dear Darcy—

The purpose of this letter is to gain a better understanding of the actions you are apparently advising the Board to approve. Both Dave and I have discussed the situation and do not agree with your viewpoint or your recommendation. Thankfully for this District and its Children four other board members agreed with the districts legal council’s advice, and a letter was in fact drafted and sent to the McCampbell family in an attempt to curtail their intrusion into the day to day activities of education.

The McCampbells are long-standing taxpaying members of the community. True They are parents of children who are educated through the D81 system <— Also True and are apparently in large part very satisfied with the level of care and schooling both of their children receive. <— Untrue. Since when do people who are satisfied with a situation file so many complaints? It would be a modest guess to say dozens of complaints this year alone. The parents are actively engaged in and publicly supportive of the rich experiences provided their children as well as the school parent community at large (ABC Parent Group, Band, Chorus, field trips, etc.)<— I have not attended any of these meetings in person, but I have it under good authority that the participation in most is limited and consists of note taking only. In the case of Band, and Chorus I have seen recent post election chaos . They have publicly praised the District teachers and programs offered through the school under the leadership of Dr. Boryszewski and her Administrative team. Let me share with all of you some quotes taken from Mr McCampbell’s complaints to the district against the Superintendant they have been described as Publicly praising

As examples of your harassing conduct, you have made the following allegations
in just the last month, all of which are false and are categorically denied:
· That Dr. Boryszewski is “inciting the community at large” against your family.
· That Dr. Boryszewski brings a binder with her to meetings that contains
and that she uses this binder as a “prop.”
· That Dr. Boryszewski’s “profile” is one that you “have witnessed in the last 7
years of ‘everything being about her,’ and her ongoing efforts to incite the
community against our family.”
· That Dr. Boryszewski “continuously makes various negative comments” in
reference to your family.
· That there has been a “constant effort by persons associated with Schiller Park
School District 81 to ‘shame’” you and that you have concluded that these efforts
“clearly appear to be emanating from the Superintendent.”
· That individuals have been solicited to “work as proxies for the Superintendent
and or Board of Education in a very hateful pursuit of me and my family.”
· That Dr. Boryszewski has utilized “proxies to take this controversy to the
community at large and negatively impact my family and children.”
· That the situation is “a boiling controversy that never ceases to end between my
family and the Superintendent.”
· That Dr. Boryszewski has encouraged the “mythical character” James Tompson
to file FOIA requests “furthering the intrigue … thereby supporting the
Superintendent’s continuous conduct of inciting the community against our

The above quote was taken from the district council’s letter to the McCampbell family.

In short, by their actions they represent what all school districts hope for in terms of parent engagement. <— I don’t think in my many years of life I have ever heard anything so absolutely astoundingly incorrect!  This statement is almost proof that this letter was not written by The School Boards President or Vice President. It  is the words of Mr McCampbell proxied through the signitures of David C Stachura, and Patricia Godziszewski.   Where is the huge and overwhelming problem that you think rises to the level of banning these parents from district events and properties and limits their contact with their children’s teachers—which represents the most serious act of isolation a school district can impose on any individual? <— It is evident that either the Board leadership did not have a copy of the letter that was being sent to the McCampbell family, It did not yet exist, or this letter was written by someone who didn’t know the specific details of what was going to be discussed.

As it would seem, although the family is 95% satisfied, <— If their actions are an example of a family that is 95% satisfied I would tremble to see what even 80% satisfied would look like. there have arisen several <— Understatment of the century issues within the past 7 years to which they take exception. Since our time on the Board, we have read complaints and have been forwarded posts from social media that describe their perception of poor decisions and actions of various school personnel or their agents. Some have been addressed by other oversight entities including ISBE and other professional licensing agencies. Others have been “investigated” under the guidance of the Uniform Grievance policy.

What has been the impact of these complaints? In some cases, nothing. In others, there have been adjustments to processes (please refer to the decision by the FOIA officer who released 700+pages <— This is a recurring issue in many of the complaints Mr McCampbell has made against the District, and the Superintendent. It based off of a request by a community member for all emails sent to any member of School District 81 from Mr McCampbell, and his wife in a period of time that was only about six months. The resulting document was reported to be over 700 pages in size. Mr McCampbell has argued that the majority of those emails were responses to emails sent from staff of School District 81. Not one other resident during any of the last 10 years has ever complained about an exponential number of emails originating from the School District or its staff. I have been told that the documents were promptly returned to the school district and because of this we will never be able to verify what has said by many, that these emails were almost completely from the family in question with very few responses to staff questions. of documents pertaining to the McCampbell family to a community member inappropriately). The changes that were prompted by the issues raised by Mr. McCampbell have served to protect other families from similar sub-standard practices. <— “protect families from similar sub standard practices”? Didn’t a statment above claim ” They have publicly praised the District teachers and programs offered through the school under the leadership of Dr. Boryszewski and her Administrative team.”  In our view, Mr. McCampbell provided a service to the District by directly causing these practices to be scrutinized for their integrity. <— This is either another example of Mr McCampbell’s behind the scenes control of the President, and Vice President or of the same two peoples inability to connect with the needs a School District in general. This is almost the exact words spoken on Mr McCampbells blog when he refered to himself as the “Exorcist” of the district, and has made the statement that his actions have done great things for the schools in Schiller Park, and that everyone needs a bit of an exorcism. If all was well, they dropped the matter. If not, then they were supportive of the changes.

Were there any repercussions to members of the Administrative team or employees under their supervision? <— Under whos supervision? I do hope that the School Board President, and Vice President are not referring to Roy F McCampbel, and his wife when they mention “their supervision”. It is already clear that the School Board leadership defends these specific individuals more adamantly then any other, but this takes it to a entirely new level.  NO. No one suffered professionally. <— Kim Cline for one Link there is more. There are —as far as we know—no letters in anyone’s file, no one lost their job, and all licenses remain intact. No one suffered personally either unless they hold that being ‘outed’ by Mr. McCampbell for a poor decision or action caused them psychological harm. <— Outed by Mr McCampbell? psychological harm? Let us now remind anyone reading this that the School Board President David C Stachura, and the School Board Vice President are condoning what these two adults have done in the recent past. What about his stalking of residents, and staff? Police reports or complaints made against him or his personal bully Mr Murbach? Teachers followed home, and stalked at the stores or the examples of him sitting down the road from other residents houses just “observing”. Was it his right as “The protector of our schools” to do those things?

Have there been any threats from the family toward anyone? NO. To the contrary, Mr. McCampbell and his wife Mary Jane continue to be law-abiding community members who simply want the best educational experiences for their children. They have, however, been the targets of bullying from Board members and community members at meetings, in public and in their neighborhood. <— I have a question for Roy F McCampbell, and his wife. How does it feel to have some of your own medicine given back to you? The difference is that this blog is not filled with lies, and deceit. I have studied every board video available and have seen or heard no such bullying. I have heard community members disgusted by his charades, but I have seen very little “bullying” by anyone other then him, and to call residents who are sick of his destruction of this community “bullying” would be comparable to calling Mr McCampbell an honest citizen. No joke intended he is as I have said many times under indictment for multiple counts of theft, and misconduct. Although he has not been proven guilty the states attorneys office does not make it a practice to indict people of complete and total honesty with no base in truth. This indictment is an indisputable fact, that has yet to have its day in court.

Has anyone provided evidence or even raised the idea that Mr. McCampbell lied about anything he wrote either publicly or through emails/letters to the District? NO. <— This is a very incorrect statement. Many members of the community have brought many irregularities to the School Board and its leadership. More then a few Board members have brought up serious issues, but the leadership has either ignored or stomped out any attempt at a remedy The discomfort that has apparently resulted on the part of the Superintendent is based on….who knows? <— This is one of the most disrespectful, and condisending statement I have read or heard yet.”….who knows?” you should know Mr Stachura. Mr McCampbell has almost disgustingly made the Sperintendant the target of his perverse obsessions for more then a few years and continues to escalate almost daily, wouldn’t you want to help protect the staff of the district you elected to guide? and Perhaps she doesn’t like to feel that she didn’t handle certain situations as well as someone with more professional experience might have; perhaps she’s paving the way for another buyout suggestion; perhaps she holds a long-standing personal animosity toward members of the McCampbell family; perhaps she’s subject to paranoia and responds defensively at any perceived attack….It’s certainly beyond the scope of anyone’s—including your — professional expertise to ascertain why the Superintendent is feeling “bullied” or “unsafe.” <— …………………………………………… I am astounded by this last sentence. Does the unprofessional actions of these two individuals ever end?

This brings us to the matter at hand: your email dated October 31, 2014 and attached letter.

So here’s the way this situation seems to have evolved—

Your firm was hired several weeks ago to represent the District. You were responsive (em dated 10/22/14) to Mr. McCampbell’s request to clear the air with the Superintendent and move forward on a positive path of cooperation and communication. Your email dated 10/28/14 outlines the events of that meeting with Mr. McCampbell and you. You provided a mechanism in this email for managing any future concerns that would buffer the interaction between Mr. McCampbell from the Superintendent. Everything in the email (again, dated 10/28/14 7:42 PM) sounded like a true understanding had been reached and agreed to by all concerned. You characterized the meeting as “positive” and indicated that you would be sending a summary email to the McCampbells highlighting the agreements.

As we read this communication from you, I agreed with Dave that it was a good decision to hire your firm …we were finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and the situation was moving from negative to positive with your help. However, with this dramatic turn of events we are concerned about the emotional toll this will take on the children as well as the predictable billable hours for your firm….All for what? <— Predictable billable hours? Did you predict A&G’s billable hours? Dramatic turn of events? What about the toll this has all taken on everyone else in the district, Students, and staff alike? I would like to remind you that these school have well over a thousand students that don’t have the last name McCampbell.

This whole situation took a big turn for the worse the following day (10/29/14). At some point, Mr. McCampbell alleges that certain community members called his wife resulting in details of the meeting being related to her that could only have been provided by someone in the room at the time. He characterized this situation as a ‘betrayal of trust’ and seems to believe that you (Darcy) will ‘look into the matter.’<— Im sure she is going to looking into this matter with exacting detail, and she will most assuredly get to the bottom of who has betrayed the trust, and has been sharing information.  He also provided you with a copy of request for mediation through ISBE in deference to his perception of the time commitments you have with other clients in an effort to avoid a time delay in resolving this breach of trust. So far, he has said or written nothing that could be construed as harassing in nature—he simply objects to the attack his wife endured when he hadn’t even received your promised summary so he could review the information with her. <— Does Roy McCampbell, and his wife not attack other members of the community on social media regularly saying one person in particular was a danger to other children and families in this community? Why didn’t the School Board President, and Vice President defend that individual, who is also  a resident, and has children in this School District? What about the emotional toll that could have on the children of that family, or the damage done to his image, and name? How about the families of the people he openly accused of being stalkers, or the family of the superintendent who have to endure the endless attacks, and attempts at destroyer her public image all in the name of revenge? What about her children, and their emotional well being?

We find it extremely significant that Mr. McCampbell (who through inference in his tone and language) addressed a few additional emails to you—not the Superintendent and not the Board—with a clear plea for support and direction on what to do next. He was abiding by one of the terms of the agreement in that you were one of the contact people he could trust to manage his concerns. You promptly forwarded these emails to the Superintendent who then forwarded them to the Board. Why did you do that? <— Because she works for the School Board, and the District, and not just Mr McCampbell as A&G may have. You established a rapport with Mr. McCampbell, and up to this very moment it would appear that he’s still trusting you to follow through on the promise to look into matters to determine where and how the breach of confidentiality occurred. Instead, you have developed a document and course of action that serves only one person, and that person has her own counsel to advise her. <— Wouldn’t it be in the best interests of the School, and its staff that the General Council for the School District help guide the School Board through policy to limit the actions of one or two individuals that have slowed educational grown to virtually a complete stop?

Mr. McCampbell has been very clear that the focus of his concerns is the well-being of his family, not anything else. However, it appears to be his belief that the cause of his frustration and his family’s anxiety stems from the top. He trusted you to look into the matter of his concerns, and instead you have escalated this to result in his and his wife’s immediate banishment from the District. <— Incorrect, and uninformed. It seems apparent to me that if the President, and Vice President were competent in there positions they would have known more of the details of the letter voted on the next day at a special meeting neither one felt they needed to attend. Who do you work for? The Board majority? The Superintendent? By whose authority did you prepare the “No Trespass and Communication Directive?” By whose authority is the Special Meeting being called? The President didn’t call for it, and you have provided no email that suggests this was the idea of the required 3 Board members. The general council for the district, and the firm she works for seem to be on top of what is allowable in a School Board environment, and for once the district is by all appearances in good hands.

Your letter to the Board dated Friday, Oct. 31, 2014 at 4:02 pm is full of assumptions and innuendo. <— As is this letter from the board President, and Vice President and quite possibly more so.  We believe you may have the wrong person when you accuse Mr. McCampbell of bullying and harassment. That doesn’t seem to be his style—his blogposts bear his name and his ideas, which is not the case with the ‘tool’ calling him/herself “Jim Tompson.” Those in the community who continue to attack the McCampbell family are beneath contempt. <— Wait, What? Did a pair of voted into office officials just refer to a public speaking community member who voices as much factual information as possible a tool? This is the sort of professional conduct we have as the leadership of the School Board of School District 81. My blog posts also bear my name, but lets for a minute pretend that I am not a real person. The content of these posts and the facts and truths I try and share does not change even slightly based on my own personal choice of anonymity.

We take strong exception to your actions.  As I said a few days ago, I am unable to attend a Wednesday night meeting due to a prior commitment to my students. <— More on her (Patricia Godziszewski’s educational practices to come) John and Dave will also be unable to attend due to work and family matters. We find it interesting that you consider it good practice to convene a meeting without the President and the Vice-President in lieu of scheduling when it’s convenient for the Secretary and another Board member. There is nothing so urgent that rises to the level that you are putting forth. Please reconsider this idea and let us move forward as a complete Board to discuss your recommendation. <— It is also convenient that the three members of the school board so blatantly aligned with the needs of Mr Roy f McCampbell, and Mary Jane Goldthwaite/McCampbell all have other commitments the exact same night that a subject so important is being discussed. This is also not the first time this has happened, or a political statement like this has been made.

In closing, the letter you sent to the Board strongly infers by innuendo and your deductions that either Dave or I have been sharing confidential information outside closed session. <— The surface of the issue has been scratched! We have customarily ignored these baseless attacks when they came from other Board members, their friends in the audience and the sarcastic, bullying and untrue comments from certain members of the Administration. However, we are not ignoring them coming from you—we resent the implication and would appreciate your support to help us in our role as members of a governing body. <— We as a community resent your continued ignoring of the educational needs of this District for your own personal gain, and the continued one sided support of your close personal friend of 40 years Mr Roy F McCampbell. The acusations put against you on this and many other social media venues are in fact not baseless, and are actually based in actual situations that by all accounts are starting to catch up with you both.

Thank you.

Pat Godziszewski, Board VP

David Stachura, Board President

P.S. This note is sent as a confidential document to you from the President and Vice-President. It is not intended to serve as a discussion between you and the Superintendent or other members of the District. Please do not share, but call if we have any significant part of this wrong. <— Everyone please think on this for a minute…. How many of this sort of letter do my readers think were passed back and forth between these two individuals and A&G? Is this the transparency they promised when they ran their last campaign?

This letter is in my opinion mostly written by either Patricia Godziszewski, or Roy McCampbell Proxied by Patricia Godziszewski, and witnessed by David C Stachura. Mr Stachura does not write or speak like the above document, and many of the sentences are worded almost exactly like posts Roy McCampbell has made on his social media.

This has become a conflict with one side representing the side of good education, quality educated staff guiding that education, and good honest leadership. The other side representing either their own version of the same thing or their own self interests. Very possibly a mixture of both, but do you want someone in a leadership position who will so blatantly ignore the needs of every other child in the community for the needs of one set of parents?

Its time to stand up and speak out! There is an election coming, and its time to make a change for the better of this School District, and the education of the children of Schiller Park.




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