Whether you agree with my possible anonymity should not matter. The situation doesn’t change depending on whether this is my name or not. The majority of the things I have posted on this blog are factual and backed up with the source or indisputable records of their own actions. The rest are my opinions based off of those facts, and they are clearly distinguishable as my opinion.

People have said that they do not care what I say because I cannot and will not put my name behind it, and therefore it must not be true. My answer to that is how do you really know this isn’t my name, and why does my anonymity change whether something I have shared is true or not? I choose to limit details about my life to protect my family from the harassment of the people I have spoken about. My Grandchildren’s education will not be put at risk because of my need to share the truth, and none of that matters in the weighing of information and its truthfulness. We all believe the news but do we personally know the reporter? Isn’t that also part of the problem in the first place? Human beings tend to blindly believe what they perceive as a more credible source. The school board president said James Tompson is a tool so it must be true simply because he is the schools board president and said it is so. We choose not to do our own research into why he would say that in a letter written to the school boards layer, because it’s easier to believe what people tell us, and to not spend the precious time finding out what’s really going on, and what he has to hide by an attempt to sway the lawyer into thinking that I am a tool. We as humans through laziness or simply lack of time have chosen to make decisions based of off other people’s beliefs, and that course of action is what allows corruption to happen, and that attitude is what is effecting our community today. The present and the future is decided by the choices we make this very second, and shouldn’t those choices be based off of our own values and beliefs not someone else’s? Do we sit back and believe what people say without looking into it ourselves? Or do we do some fact checking and take an active role in our community? Do we let the easy way dictate the future of our town, and schools or do we take part in our own lives, and participate in our own futures?

Ask yourself who is most outspoken about me and what I have to say. Dave Stachura, Pat Godizewski, and Roy McCampbell? Maybe those are the people that have the most to hide? I have said it already, and I will many more times. The people most afraid of what the anonymous person writes are those with the biggest things to hide.

Take an active part in your own future and lives! Take an active part in the future of the education of your children!


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