Election time part 1


The question here is simple. Are you on the side of good government, and quality schools for our town? Or are you on the side of the continued dismantling of those schools, and the destruction of our school district, and community?

Edited – 12-17-14 @ 10:00 pm –  Paul Ohm, and Alex Giangrande did not attend this evenings School Board meeting. I work evenings so I can not attend the meetings myself, but I was informed that they were absent at the first meeting after their respective petitions were submitted. These are two people who have decided to run for our districts School Board to guid the people who educate your children and they have not attended a single meeting. I have also been told that Alex Giangrande does not attend school events at all, and could possibly have larger political aspirations. This is not the sort of information that should make the parents of School District 81 happy. These are two individuals who are being backed by the School Board president David Stachura, and Vise President Patricia Godizewski. The very two individuals who want to continue their agendas, and regain their control of the board. There is a lot at risk in April of 2015.

The bottom line is Patricia Godizewski has a continued track record of not making choices based off of what is good for our children, schools, and community. She stands firm on the side of bad education and government. Sadly those who have chosen to align themselves with her, and other individuals by default get the same opinion.

With one election season just ending, another begins. April 7th 2014 is a big deal for Schiller Park, and it’s local school district. This is the date we get the chance to change the current direction of our school system. At last count there was six potential candidates for School Board. Three members running for re-election and three relative newcomers. Two of those three newcomers have to my knowledge never attended a School Board meeting or made any public stance in any way, and one has been an active and vocal advocate of education, and educators for some time now. There is two very distinct sides in the upcoming election, and it should prove to be an interesting few months.

In a short Daily Herald article and video (linked with a picture in the article) you will notice our School Board president filing petitions for “his side” Patricia, Paul, and Alex. Not illegal at all but it makes a statement about who is supporting the previously mentioned three, and by pure association supported by Roy F McCampbell. One thing I can guarantee you is that the other two gentleman shown in the video to Mr Stachras right are not with him, and they both desperately want to restore this district, and the towns good name by ending the cycle of non-transparent bad government, and misguided leadership.


Disclaimer  – the following has been written by me alone and is a statement of my observations in the past year. My comentary includes information gathered through F.O.I.A. requests, citizen tips, and board meeting videos. It has been written by me with no guidance by anyone other then me, and with no assistance from any individuals contained in this post. This has not been approved by nor was the information been given to me by any person contained within this article. (www.sd81.org is a Wealth of information from videos to meeting agendas).

Mary Ann Desecki – Current School Board member. First Year at Schiller Park School District 81: 2001. Mary Ann Desecki has 3 children who attended District 81 from Kindergarten through Eighth grade. Is a master Board Member of Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB). Board Member Training Includes: Professional Development Leadership Training for School Board Members, Open Meetings Act Training for School Board Members, and Rally for Public Education. A vocal advocate for education, a staunch defender of the schools, the teachers, and the administration. She Has the highest regard for the communities best interests, and strongly aligned with the realities of good education.

Richard Flanagan – Current School Board member. First Year at Schiller Park School District 81: 2011 Richard Flanangan has two SD81 graduates. IASB Leadership Academy Member, Board Member Training, Professional Development Leadership Training for School Board Members, Open Meetings Act Training for Board Members, and Basics of Governance. Along with Maryann Desecki Mr Flanagan has consistantly voted with the best interests of education, and financial responsibility at heart. Mr Flanagan is a strong advocate of transparent government and doing what’s best for the children of this community.

Jeremy Hargus – A military veteran, father, and an outspoken defender of the children and educators of School District 81, and adversary of non-transparent bad government. Has been actively taking part in School Board meetings for two years, and is a regular organizer, and volunteer with the ABC Parent Group. He has five children, two alumni of SD81, two currently attending district schools, and one young child who is a future SD81 student. Is devoted to keeping local government transparent, and honest. He has often spoken publicly at meeting in regard to his concerns with the current School Board environment, and how it is adversely changing the ability of the districts educators to do their jobs. has openly said he wants to help bring integrity back to the School District.

The next three are to be considered on the side of the architects of the current School District, and School Board problems. Not much is known about the second two on the list, but they have decided to run with a candidate that is in my opinion incredibly bad for education, and good governance. Patricia Godizewski consistently fights against transparency and allows our educators to be bullied from the outside. What the motivation is of anyone who knowingly chooses to campaign alongside her is a mystery, but it can not be good for education. how much could they possibly know about the needs of the School District? Mr Ohm had his first visit to our beautiful schools just yesterday, and neither have ever attended a school board meeting. 

Patricia Godziszewski – Current School Board member, and School Board Vice President. She is a teacher at West Leyden High School. First Year at Schiller Park School District 81: 2011 A Master Board Member of Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB), IASB Leadershop Academy Member Board Member Training: School Board Accountability: Monitoring District Performance, Professional Development, Leadership Training for School Board Members, School Board LeaderShop Symposium 2013, Basics of Governance, Basics of Law on Board Meetings and Practices, Basics of School District Finance, School District Labor RelationS, Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure, Superintendent Evaluation, Media RelationS, Making Meetings Matter, Performance valuation Reform Act (PERA) Training, School Board LeaderShop Symposium 2014. Do not let the long list of training fool you, she is a close friend and advocate of Roy F McCampbell (an individual who is under indictment for theft and official misconduct), and consistently votes in favor of anything related to Mr McCampbell, she has supported his complaints and accusations since the beginning. She is consistently hostile, and evasive with respect to answering questions directed at her during board meetings. Is regularly unprepared, and has displayed great contempt for the teachers and staff of School District 81. Most recently the co-author of the very unprofessional and “private” letter written to the school board legal council in regard to her and Mr Stachura’s disapproval of the very competent and capable superintendent.

Paul Ohm– ? I have heard that he has two small children and wants to run for School Board so he can see if the schools are right for his kids. Possibly a military veteran, and again has never attended a School Board meeting.

Alex Giangrande – ? I have been told he Has children in the district, and again has also never attended a school board meeting.

School Board meeting tonight at 7:00pm @ Lincoln Middle School



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