District 81 BOE Meeting


Link to the District 81 BOE Meeting for 12/17/14

Again my congratulations go out to Dr Kimberly Boryszewski and her fantastic award. It is further evidence that she is more than capable of doing her job, and has persevered through all the obstacles that have been placed in her way. The begining of the video has some great speeches during what Mr. Stachura has referd to as his favorite part of the meeting, Public participation. There was also a fantastic performance by members of the District 81 Band.

On to the negative part of the meeting.

Discussion of the letter sent to the attorney by Mr Stachura, and Patricia Godizewski starts at about 40 minutes and 40 seconds.

   Again the School Board President David Stachura, and Vice President Patricia Godizewski choose not to answer any questions. Mr Stachura stated that he sent an E-mail December 9th to the Board requesting questions be sent in writing, and he stated that he never received a response. He was not speaking directly into the microphone, and it is very hard to hear him, but I will be very interested to read the letter he sent to the board members with said request. As the video progresses Mr Stachura continues to argue as to why he does not want to answer the questions Board member Desecki has for him, and his vice president. He stated “he doesn’t want to get shot at”, and some mumbling about political grandstanding. As you view this video keep a close eye on his body language, and the complete contempt for the process, and disrespect for the responsibility bestowed upon Mr Stachura, and Patricia Godizewski as School Board members. Listen closely to the disrespect in both of their tone. They are not being ganged up on, and are being asked valid questions. At one point Patricia Godizewski asks for some “respect” and be given time to answer the questions. Am I not correct when I saw she has already had a month since the last School Board meeting to formulate a response to these questions? I want to know why they deserve the time out of respect, when they showed absolutely no respect towards the Superintendent when they created such a unprofessional document?

   Please read the letter again 1347659_1_Redacted-c, and then listen to the questions and the tone in their responses in the video. Notice that at the bottom of the letter David Stachura, and Patricia Godizewski ask that the letter remain private and not for discussion. This is simply not how a School Board works, and is nothing more than another example of their contempt for the process.

   In the end Mr Stachura says he will answer the questions in writing next month. Further on in the video he says it may take him many months to answer these questions, but I for one am very excited to see their collective response to those questions. That is if they choose to respond themselves, or even at all.





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