What does it mean when an individual says they are 95% happy with something? Usually one would hazard a guess that they were virtually without complaint. In the case of one of the families in the community it means very much the opposite.

There is one family that has made an excessive amount of trouble for this District through unfounded complaints, and the spreading of miss-information. It would be safe to say they have made life almost unbearable for many of the teachers in your School District. So much so that more then a few have chosen to leave their jobs in search of less antagonistic work environments. The patriarch of this family has until recently made it his personal goal to assault the school district at every turn.

How can one family be so completely unhappy with the educational environment of School District 81, but continue to send their children to that same school system? Clearly at this point if all the complaints were actually valid they would at a minimum have a solid case for permission to leave the district, or attend the local private school, the very same school that he attends for Sunday worship. I’ll tell you why that has yet to happen, there is no free handouts on the public dime at a private school. Just like his employment history, and track record with the School District indicates. It’s all about the money, not the education.

Not one family in the entire district has even come close to the level of unhappiness shown by these two people. This family also has something else that no one in your children’s School District has, and that is the unwavering support of the School Board President David C Stachura, and Vice President Patricia Godziszewski. They have supported every effort He has made to undermine the quality staff, almost without fail. Even to go so far as co-authoring a “secret” letter to the School Boards lawyer defending their good friend, attacking the School District, it’s practices, and it’s Superintendent in his name, and very possibly in his own words.

The subject of this post is not actually the family mentioned above. They will both continue to play the false victims, and antagonize the people, and groups on social media that challenge them or are trying to do good things. While he harasses the School District, the head of the household harasses the groups outside of the school district and makes false accusations against good upstanding members of the community. But again this post isn’t about the abuse of a community by one family, and their attempts at portraying the false victims. It is in fact about the people that support their efforts. Particularly on the School Board of Schiller Park School District 81.

The letter written by Dave Stachura, and Patricia Godziszewski is not old news, or water under the bridge. Questions regarding the meaning and intent of that letter have remained largely unanswered, and in no small part ignored. The last two attempts by other members of the School Board to get answers to their questions have been avoided to the point of the two authors not attending meetings, and don’t be surprised if there is at least one of the two authors of the previously mentioned letter not in attendance at the next scheduled meeting. A continued attempt to avoid the subject at hand? Dave Stachura, and Patricia Godziszewski’s meeting attendance has been consistent up until recently. They were for all intensive purposes mostly there. At least physically present if not consistently unprepared, and completely disrespectful of the process and those in attendance. Their letter proving their unwavering support and loyalty should remain very much on every member of this communities mind. Never have either of them taken a stand for any other family of this beautiful community in this way, and in most cases the School Board President doesn’t even clap after presentations. Every one of us needs to remember this letter as we go forward into an election season. Look at who they choose as their companions. Take a good long hard look at those who choose to run alongside Patricia Godziszewski. Ask yourself if they stand for the same bad choices and poor moral compass as the people they are running with. Does this community support the continued Destruction of Schiller Park and it’s schools, or do we as residents and parents stand up, scream for change, and make our voices heard through our vote.


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