Wise words

Wise words from the President of the Schiller Park School District 81 School Board.

Earlier today on the Facebook page Schiller Park Commentaries School Board President David C Stachura seemed to be taunting someone through the use of his finely tuned computer skills. His post popped up shortly after I shared mine discussing him and his friends. I can only assume that it was directed at me, and the readers of this blog.

Will this individual’s immature self centered ego continue to grow unchecked? The once ignored School Board member David C Stachura has been able to live out his fantasies of revenge after his appointment as the School Board President of School District 81. Should we take a minute and revisit his letter and its outright disrespectful subject matter? (1347659_1_Redacted-c) We can then review the video footage of the most recent school board meeting when he refused through his arrogance to answer questions about the same letter from his equally important peers?  (Video link) Then you could view the video of the school board vice president doing a lot of the same during the November meeting (here), or how about some of Dave Stachura’s other greatest hits in this video!

Please remember that this self serving individual is supporting Patricia Godziszewski’s re-election campaign, and the election of her running mates Paul Ohm, and Alex G. Two individuals who have had little to no interaction with the School District, it’s Schools, it’s Board, or activities. They have through their inactions shown the community that they are on the side of Dave Stachura, Patricia Godziszewski, and by default Roy F McCampbell. A group of people that have done more to reverse everything good that has ever happened in Schiller Parks’s schools, and at the expense of its children, their education, and the taxpayers dollar.

This is not a campaign propaganda page. I put this page together to raise the communities awareness of all the bad that is going on because of one person in Schiller Park. I now share what I can about people who in my opinion have often acted on behalf of the same person. I can’t help but say that based off of what I have seen from David and Patricia something needs to be done this election, and Team81 (Patricia Godziszewski, Paul Ohm, and Alex Giangrande) is not the answer.


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