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On the eve of our 10,000th page view I wanted to take a moment to recognize a few people. Some for their outstanding performance, and others for their lack of ability and/or effort.

David C Stachura

You were elected by the people to serve the people. You have blatantly spent the majority of your second term on the school board serving yourself, and the needs of one family. You have spent countless tax payer dollars in the defense of your misdeeds, and that same family.

I believe that there is still much work to be done for the good of the district, the children, and the taxpayers of the community

When are you going to start?

I have exposed some of the rampant waste and disregard for the community and will continue on this path to set things right

You “exposed” (your word) one thing for a very small amount of money that some feel was justified, and have been riding that band wagon for years.

The children, of course, come first

I personally have not seen one example of you actually practicing what you preach. There has been little to know discussion of what you are doing for the children.

I am also very opposed to the lack of transparency shown to the citizens and tax payers of this community

You have done more to remove transparency then you have to increase it. You have attempted to restrict some community members by decreaseing their use of the F.O.I.A. Through your preferred law firm of Ancel $ Glink, and by doing so needlessly spent countless taxpayer dollars.

There is far to much political cronyism, and lack of respect for the voting public

You are the king of Disrespect to the community, and the voting public. Through your miss guided motivations you have done a disservice to every single member of this community. I encourage the community strongly to view the meeting videos found on the district web site, and see for yourselves.

Unless there is a change in leadership on the board, there will be more waste, less transparency, and no progress in the district.

You got your leadership change on the board, and you became what you told the voters had to be changed.

Patricia Godziszewski 

You were also elected by the voters to serve the voters, and have failed miserably. Your education is vast, and your teaching experience is long, but you have applied none of it to your term of service as the Vice President, and school board member. You along with your partner in destruction David Stachura have consistantly voted against the progress of this district, and voted for the destruction of the pride our schools once had. During your and David Stachuras service on the school board we have lost a record amount of staff, and entire departments have been decimated. You have made no attempt to remidy this situation or slow the sinking of a once great ship. You in fact have increased the rate of decent, and encouraged the attacks from outside but show no signs of worry or concern.

As an elected School Board member, I pledge to represent the entire community, to learn quickly and efficiently about ‘best practices’ in School Board governance, to work cooperatively and respectfully with each element in the process, and to bring transparency and community support to the forefront. I humbly ask you to support my candidacy —#103—Pat Godziszewski.

Failure on all counts. Complete and total disrespect for the community, it’s tax payers, and it’s children. 

John Kowalski

I pledge to promote fiscal responsibility and a common sense approach to managing the financial resources of the District while supporting an excellent education for students.

I have personally witnessed Mr Kowalski asleep at school board meetings, with regular segments of deep day dreaming. Often when his name is called for a vote he looks to Patricia Godziszewski for his response.

I urge you to look at your property tax bills from the past several years and ask yourself—as I have—how can we continue going in this direction???

You don’t speak at school meetings in any way. You remain silent and distant. You know nothing about the taxing of the community, or the school districts part in it. 

Gross negligence, and complete dereliction of duty. Those are the terms I would use to quickly describe the actions of the above three school board members. They have abandoned their oath, and the community for the needs of one family. This is not just my opinion, It is something they have recently made painfully obvious.

Dave You shared the picture above on your last campaign page, and the community at large took you at your word when you used this as a campaign value. You lied to all of us, and have in many cases irreversibly caused great damage to the education of many of the communities children. Patricia you miss-guided the voters with false intentions, and have destroyed many people’s faith in the education this community can now provide. John Kowalski you have been asleep at the wheel, and refuse to wake up at the expense of education.

On to more positive people involved in the education of the district children. 

Mary Ann Desecki, Alison Downs, Richard Flanagan, and Tina Ewanio

That’s the basic premise of what I have to say to the four of you. From what I know of your campaign promises, and the board meetings I have been able to observe, all of you have tried your best. Sadly you all have been forced to spend excessive amounts of time fighting to save what the others have worked so diligently to destroy. How can the district move forward and grow if half of the elected body is against progress, and the other half has to spend their time defending the children’s education with little time left for growth, and improving your schools. I commend you on your continued efforts to save children’s public education in Schiller Park. Additional credit given to those of you who have decided to run again for school board despite the efforts of those in defiance of progress. 

Additional thanks  

 I also want to thank the countless community members that have given their support to the people who truly want to grow this community in a positive direction. To the teachers that do their best to guide your children at the beginning of their education, the parents that support them, and those who contribute so much to their futures. 

Added thanks to all those that support this blog, and my search for the truth. Thank you to those that recognized my identitiy as a way to give these posts a sense of purpose without the distraction of personal feelings, and be a voice for those in the community who wish to remain nameless. Thank you to the hundreds of submissions of stories and concerns. 

 Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for your support in finding the truth!


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