Honest Concerns

Sharing my honest concerns on this blog has been a very humbling and interesting experience. I’ve connected with many people and have been overwhelmed with responses, comments, and support for the most part. It’s been a great blessing. Numerous people have said how helpful it has been to discover that other active members of the community, also share their concerns about some of the decisions being made on the school board.

This process has also caused me to more deeply ponder the question: Is criticism always wrong?

I’m not sure what the future holds for blog post topics, but yes, the few essays I have written are critical of some/all of the decisions being made by the leadership of the school board.

So when do you speak up in opposition of the District if you disagree? What do you do when you may disagree with decisions, expenses, or interpretations by those who are the stewards of the schools? My answer is, you speak up when you have found these criticisms to be true through your own fact finding missions. You speak up when something doesn’t appear to be correct, or in direct contradiction to an oath taken by an elected official.

I, (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of member of the Board of Education of Schiller Park School District 81, in accordance with the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Illinois, and the laws of the State of Illinois, to the best of my ability.

I further swear (or affirm) that:

I shall respect taxpayer interests by serving as a faithful protector of the School District’s assets;

I shall encourage and respect the free expression of opinion by my fellow Board members and others who seek a hearing before the Board, while respecting the privacy of students and employees;

I shall recognize that a Board member has no legal authority as an individual and that decisions can be made only by a majority vote at a public Board meeting; and

I shall abide by majority decisions of the Board, while retaining the right to seek changes in such decisions through ethical and constructive channels.

I also promised myself something, and took a sort of oath. A promise to myself that I would post verifiable facts, and that my opinions would be based off of those verifiable facts.

All documents I share can be proven. All opinions are reasonable, within the realm of reality, and formed from the facts. I challenge anyone to prove anything I have posted to be wrong, and that is more then I can say for sites like the Schiller Park Blog, or Roy F McCampbell’s many venues of lies. Every last thing posted on any of those sites that I have set out to verify could not be proven. One hundred precent unverifiable, and completely incorrect on every count.

Its actually a tried and true tactic of those who want to spread deceit. Take the truth, and twist it enough that it is still a possibility, and share it with such confidence its believable.

Do people remember the Schiller Park Blog? I was only able to catch that garbage at the tail end, but I had enough time to prove that it was all based on lies, and falsehoods. Miss-direction by a few members of this community trying to bend the truth for their own purposes. Then it started to become a venue for harassment, and stalking of more then a few members of this community.

I am not asking anyone to blindly believe me, in reality I want people to do the exact opposite, and take some time to find the truth on their own. If you are truly open to the possibility that what you have been saying you know for so long could be wrong, and that there is two sides to every story, you will then be right in line with the growing number of community members that have had enough. You will see with clearer eyes that the miss-guided, and self-centered activities of a small few individuals do not have to overwhelm the well-meaning kind hearted activities of the larger group.

Now with what I have said about sites like the Schiller Park Blog, and what I have found to be absolute lies, and miss-information would you think an individual or individuals that openly support the lies posted their to be someone you would want in a public position? An elected position that has so much to do with the education of your children? They being Patricia Godziszewski, and David Stachura made campaign decisions, and possibly choices that in the end hurt the education of every child in this school district based off of information they gathered from a blog or blogs that were lies, and false information.

Each individual person knows when enough is enough, and the numbers are growing.


2 thoughts on “Honest Concerns

    • No hidden agenda, and I do not share all of my person information because my identity matters little to the subject at hand, and if anyone takes the time out of there busy schedule they can verify anything I have shared as true.

      I thank you for your interest in my identity and any possible hidden agenda I may have Mr Sneel, but I assure you I am not the one with a hidden agenda. My agenda is very clearly written on this blog, and has been for many months.

      Frankly the concept of you wanting me to post my address publicly leads me to believe you may have a hidden agenda yourself.

      Good day sir


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