Roll Call

David Stachura – Absent

David C Stachura’s absences have increased dramatically since the release of the letter written by him and Patricia Gidziszewski. The two authors continue to play a back and forth game of one not attending board meetings, and the other refusing to answer the questions asked.  At a recent meeting they attended together, David Stachura said he will not answer questions until they are asked in writing. To the best of my knowledge they have been asked in writing, and still have yet to be answered. The Board Attorney has suggested that they both answer the questions. The subject and intent of the letter is clear, and their attempts to avoid answers is waistfull and disrespectful to their fellow board members, and the community. 

Patricia Goziszewski – Present 

Patricia Godziszewski was in attendance, and presented herself with the typical condescending attitude that we have come to expect. She showed complete contempt for the community, and continued to avoid answering any questions. A few short months before an election and she continues to ignore the people and her duties as a board member. Patricia was also caught in a lie to the board and the attendees when she stated she never received a reply from the boards attorney. She stated it a few times while the attorney was not in the room and when she brought it up again after the attorney returned she was promptly corrected. 

John Kowalski – Present 

Uncharacteristiclly talkative, and rude. Mr John Kowalski typically does not speak at board meetings, and has been often seen looking to Patricia  Godziszewski for his answer to votes.

Alison Downs – Present

Alison Downs like Mr Flanagan, Tina Ewanio, and Mary Ann Desecki presented herself in a manner one would expect of an elected Board member, and she had some questions about district issued technology. That was the question Mr Kowalski seemed upset by, and Patricia Godziszewski replied with “I don’t like using the IPad for meetings, I like paper” and “I probably don’t have the skills to use it as well as you guys do, I’m developing them”. She also shushed a very upset community member, that couldn’t take the ignorance any longer. Patricia gave the upset community member the attitude one would expect of a disgruntled teenager.

Tina Ewanio – Present

Diligently performing her duties as the board secretary. I can imagine with these sort of vocal exchanges it can’t be an easy task. 

Mary Ann Desecki – present

Mary Ann Desecki continued to press for answers to her questions regarding the letter. She expressed her understanding of the communities frustrations, and with the disrespect shown everyone by Dave Stachura, and Parricia Godziszewski. 

Richard Flanagan – Present

Along with Mary Ann Desecki, Mr Richard Flanagan added his thoughts on the issue of the letter, and additional  acknowledgment of his and the communities frustration. 

Non-member candidates

Jeremy Hargus – Present

Jeremy Hargus was present as usual for this board meeting and appeared visibly disgusted with the comments being made by The Board Vice President Patricia Godziszewski. Mr Hargus has attended every meeting for over a year now, and seems involved and invested. In my further inquires into Mr Hargus and his involvement with the district I have heard nothing but positive things. Along with his volunteering with the ABC parent group, Jeremy Hargus seems to have a solid understanding of what is important. I am looking forward to the community forum and a chance to get to know him. 

Paul Ohm – Present for a short time

Paul Ohm attended his first School board meeting as a candidate (two and a half months before election) but had to leave before executive session began. Mr Ohm was taking notes and observing. We will also have a chance to get to know Mr Ohm and the other candidates a little better at the February 5th community forum. 

Alex Giangrande – Absent

I can not say much about Mr Alex Giangrande. Not only can I not say much, it seems that no one else can either. I’m sure someone in town knows Mr Giangrande, but no one involved with the school had anything to add. He has reportedly never attended a school board meeting, and does not attended school events. Maybe he is busy at work? What is his background? What are his opinions and views on what’s going on in the district? How does he feel about his running mates behavior at the meetings? Does he have larger political goals? 

Mr Giangrande is an enigma, Paul Ohm is unaware, and Patricia Godziszewski is disrespectful and rude to her fellow board members, and the people that voted her into office. These are not the people that should play an active part in the education of your children. 

I want what is best for my grandkids and their education. You should want what’s best for yours and the 1300+ other children in School Dostrict 81, Patricia, Paul, and Alex are not what’s best. 

Who are you going to vote for on April 7th? 

Board meeting highlights as presented by the schools district.

Two versions of the last meeting. 

Shortened January 28th 2015 School Board meeting. 

Full length January 28th 2015 School Board Meeting. 


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