A culture of leaks part 2


Did the School Board Attorney recently confirm something a few residents and Board members have said for a while now? That some confidential school board information has been leaked outside closed doors?

I did not, at any time, infer or deduce that you have shared confidential information outside closed session. Your accusation against me is baseless. At least one Board member has shared confidential attorney-client privileged communications with R but I am unaware which Board member(s) has done so. I have never accused either of you of doing so.

She didn’t name names, but she did say that at least one Board member has shared confidential communications with “R”.

So now the School Board Attorney has to take extra measures to protect the privacy of your children!

From this point forward, I will not provide the Board with any copies of documents, drafts, etc., pertaining to this matter in advance of a meeting. If documents are to be shared, I will do so either in open or closed session, as appropriate, and I will collect the copies that I distribute that same evening. I am left with no other option given the disclosures that have been made by a Board member(s).

Both quotes above are take from a document shared on a Facebook page that was originally requested by a community member through F.O.I.A. 11-5-14 response to board_Redacted

It has been a concern of a few of the Board members for a while now, and I posted about it back in October (Here). Now the subject surfaces again.

Based off of posts by other members of the community, and items that have been shared with me personally, I am confident of who the source of the leaks are.  Because I have no proof to back up my thoughts on the matter I will keep those names to myself.

One thing I am sure of is that this will not be the end of this subject. I think a few top people on the Board of district 81 have some explaining to do.


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