11-19-14 – The first meeting after the letter was written.

David Stachura – absent, Patricia Godziszewski – present.
Patricia Godziszewski refuses to answer any questions without her co-author David Stachura.

12-17-14 – The second meeting after the letter was written.
Both David Stachura, and Patricia Godziszewski were present but David refused to answer questions stating he wanted them in writing.

1-28-15 – The third meeting after the letter was written.
Dave Stachura – absent, Patricia Godziszewski – present.
She again refused to answer question without Dave Stachura.

2-18-15 – The fourth meeting after the letter was questioned.

Dave Stachura – present, Patricia Godziszewski – absent.
He asked for the agenda item about the letter to be postponed until Pat arrives. She was reported by Dave to be at church for Ash Wednesday. He then stated she was attending 7pm mass at St Marria Goretti, and she would be at the meeting as soon as it was over. She never arrived
No video posted yet. 

I do not always attend the School Board meetings for many reasons. Having to work is one of them, but Last night I had no work so I decided to attend church with my grandkids for Ash Wednesday. I also would have gone earlier if I had obligations like work, or being a member of a School Board.
In all reality, guessing if Patricia Godziszewski was actually participating in the 7pm mass at St Maria Goretti would be just that, a guess. One thing is for certain, and that is the fact that Patricia Godziszewski made the choice to pick the 7pm Mass, and to use it as an excuse to continue the charade that her and David Stachura keep playing. The community and Board have questions as to their purpose for writing the November 4th 2014 letter. Patricia Godziszewski states that she was just looking for clarification on why a special meeting was such an emergency. Yet the letter says something very different.  A few of the finer points of the garbage that was written by The Board President, and Vice President.

Dear Darcy—

The purpose of this letter is to gain a better understanding of the actions you are apparently advising the Board to approve. Both Dave and I have discussed the situation and do not agree with your viewpoint or your recommendation.

Well since you and David do not agree all the other Board members opinions shouldn’t matter? You are on a Board of seven people, each with an equal opinion, and contribution. The School Board, and its business does not revolve around Patricia Godziszewski, and David Stachura.

The McCampbells are long-standing taxpaying members of the community. They are parents of children who are educated through the D81 system and are apparently in large part very satisfied with the level of care and schooling both of their children receive. The parents are actively engaged in and publicly supportive of the rich experiences provided their children as well as the school parent community at large (ABC Parent Group, Band, Chorus, field trips, etc.).

If you consider harassment to be active engagement then I guess you are correct in making that statement.

They have publicly praised the District teachers and programs offered through the school under the leadership of Dr. Boryszewski and her Administrative team.

I think we all missed some of this “public praise”. All I remember is public attacks and 100% negativity.

In short, by their actions they represent what all school districts hope for in terms of parent engagement.

I had to read that more then a dozen times to make sure it was actually written. In what nightmare do they represent what all school districts hope for in terms of parent engagement? This was obviously not written by a person who has a grasp on reality.  All Districts want parents who make up 40+ complaints, and regularly cause missed educational opportunities for the communities children through their constant harassment? All the School Districts would rather have to spend the majority of their time dealing with one family, and having no time left for the rest.  I challenge every one of you to find one district in the area that for one, does not know about the McCampbell family, and two would want them as parents in their District. Trust me when i say they all know about them, and some have prepared for their inevitable arrival.

Where is the huge and overwhelming problem that you think rises to the level of banning these parents from district events and properties and limits their contact with their children’s teachers—which represents the most serious act of isolation a school district can impose on any individual?

Lets start with 42 baseless and unfounded complaints against the District. Many of them against the Superintendent herself. Add in the disgusting social media harassment against the same people. Most of those attacks again directed towards the Superintendent. (Examples of this activity can be found here) To name just a few.

As it would seem, although the family is 95% satisfied, there have arisen several issues within the past 7 years to which they take exception. Since our time on the Board, we have read complaints and have been forwarded posts from social media that describe their perception of poor decisions and actions of various school personnel or their agents. Some have been addressed by other oversight entities including ISBE and other professional licensing agencies. Others have been “investigated” under the guidance of the Uniform Grievance policy.

Several issues of the past 7 years which they take exception? That is very possibly the most inaccurate statement that I have ever heard. several doesn’t really cover the scope of the things they take exception to.

The changes that were prompted by the issues raised by Mr. McCampbell have served to protect other families from similar sub-standard practices. In our view, Mr. McCampbell provided a service to the District by directly causing these practices to be scrutinized for their integrity. If all was well, they dropped the matter. If not, then they were supportive of the changes.

Has served to protect other families from similar sub-standard practices? Mr McCampbell provided a service? To who? Do you consider causing the resignations of a record number of staff, and the destruction of the special education department a service? For the record the special education department has still not recovered.

Were there any repercussions to members of the Administrative team or employees under their supervision? NO. No one suffered professionally. There are —as far as we know— no letters in anyone’s file, no one lost their job, and all licenses remain intact. No one suffered personally either unless they hold that being ‘outed’ by Mr. McCampbell for a poor decision or action caused them psychological harm.

No one suffered personally either unless they hold that being ‘outed’ by Mr McCampbell for a poor decision or action caused them psychological harm? Mr McCampbell the Narcissistic savior of School District 81, and keeper of the safety of children. The Director of Special Education resigned after his interactions with her, and he continued to follow her after she left. To include reported stalking of her home. He has also been reported to have stalked the home of other staff to include the superintendent.

Have there been any threats from the family toward anyone? NO. To the contrary, Mr. McCampbell and his wife Mary Jane continue to be law-abiding community members who simply want the best educational experiences for their children. They have, however, been the targets of bullying from Board members and community members at meetings, in public and in their neighborhood.

Always the victim and never the perpetrator. Mr McCampbell and his wife Mary Jane Goldthwaite continue to be law-abiding community members? I guess David and Patricia think his indictment, and pending trial are all made up? I know innocent until proven guilty. People who simply want the best educational experiences for their children? They have done more damage to their children’s “Educational experiences” then any member of any school in any community in the state of illinois.

The discomfort that has apparently resulted on the part of the Superintendent is based on….who knows? Perhaps she doesn’t like to feel that she didn’t handle certain situations as well as someone with more professional experience might have; perhaps she’s paving the way for another buyout suggestion; perhaps she holds a long-standing personal animosity toward members of the McCampbell family; perhaps she’s subject to paranoia and responds defensively at any perceived attack….It’s certainly beyond the scope of anyone’s—including your — professional expertise to ascertain why the Superintendent is feeling “bullied” or “unsafe.”

Now starts the unbelievable disrespect. I don’t need to quote this paragraph again as it speaks for itself. The School Board has one employee, and that employee is the Superintendent of the district. One of any employers Jobs is to protect their employees from harassment, and bullying. Mr McCampbell has employed the “always the victim” Tactic regularly, and he has his defenders on the School Board call others bullies for standing up to the scourge of the District. When in fact they should have the Superintendent’s best interests at heart. The superintendent has shown us all countless examples of professionalism, and success when performing her duties. Add that to the lack of any truth to the 42 complaints filed by Mr Roy F McCampbell and crew. Then you will see there is no reason for Dave Stachura, and Pat Godziszewski to continue such an expensive endeavor.  Most people really scratch their head as to who the two people who wrote this letter are representing, Is it the best interests of their one and only employee? Or is it the best interests of their one and only friend? That is if they in fact even wrote the letter.

I am going to skip a little bit now, and get to the last part of the letter.

P.S. This note is sent as a confidential document to you from the President and Vice-President. It is not intended to serve as a discussion between you and the Superintendent or other members of the District. Please do not share, but call if we have any significant part of this wrong.

They truly do seem to miss the entire concept of being on a Board like this. They do seem to grasp the purpose of the elected positions.

The complete letter can be read by following this link. 1347659_1_Redacted-c

Patricia Godziszewski, and David Stachura continue to disrespect the community, and School Board by not answering the questions that have surfaced do to their disrespectful letter. Disrespectful to all those that voted for them, and disrespectful to the children who’s educations they are forsaking.


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