Champions for Children of SD81 & Team81

As all of you know I am very interested in the School Board Elections in Schiller Park, and how the results of the April 7th election will affect Schiller Park, it’s kids, and their future. I am continuously searching the Internet for answers to questions, and more information I can share. There isn’t much as far as official pages go, and as far as I can tell only one of the groups running has a presence on facebook or the Internet. 

Champions for Children of SD81 

So far Team81 has nothing posted. Their close Friend Roy F McCampbell shared a fundraiser flyer of theirs for a short time a few weeks ago, but then promptly removed it. Nothing as far as a portal for concerned citizens. 

The Champions for Children of SD81 group recently posted a short writeup about the Dr Seuss event a few of them were a part of.

I’m sure I can speak for all three of us on this one. 
Dr  Seuss night was so much fun! So many smiling faces and happy kids I couldn’t get enough of it. A very well put together event as usual. 
Mary Ann Desecki, Richard Flanagan, and Allison Downs Read to the kids as usual. ( I would like to add that they always do, not just on an election year) Tina Ewanio was also there all night with her family. It was a fun and happy evening for everyone! 
Thank you everyone involved for such a fantastic event!

As I was reading it I noticed there was no mention of David Stachura, Patricia Godziszewski, or John Kowalski. There was also no mention of Candidates Paul Ohm, or Alex Giangande (Correction – Alex brought his Children). So I clicked on the link and looked at the pictures. Nope not a one of them. I saw all parties mentioned in their post, but only Alex from Team81. 

 I more then most realize that some times schedules conflict, and events can not always be attended. I also will gladly point out that three members of the School Board consistantly are unable to attend District events, and Paul Ohm being the only one of Patricia Godziszewski’s running mates who has made an attempt, but two meetings isn’t enough in my opinion.  Alex Giangrande has to this date never attended a School Board meeting, and by all reports does not attend school events in general. 

No one is perfect, but some people excell at being flawed, or unable to follow through with their promises or responsibilities. The “Imperfect bunch” known as Parricia Godziszewski, David Stachura, and John Kowalski. 

I am not affiliated with Champions for Children of SD81, and I do not know them personally. I do feel that the way this is shaping up they are the types of people you as parents, and we as grandparents would want to help guide this communities children and their education. 

April 7th 2015 is when we all get the chance to put our opinions to paper. Please make those opinions based off of the actual facts of the situation. Do your own unbiased research, and know the truth of the situation. 


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