Do they have no shame?

The following is a picture of two of the very small group of people Roy F McCampbell has probably not filed a police report against. 

Found another picture from the archives of someone he has probably never filed a police report against. 

 I found another one. 


I’m sure there is a few more. Like Mary Jane Goldthwaite for instance, but the point I am making is more that you can’t try and do a good deed for this family.  Unless you are part of a very select few, you will wish you had not. 

I started this blog because of the damage ROYFMC is doing to this town and Schools. He has tormented the administration and staff of School District 81. Specifically Dr Boryszewski, and now he has turned on one of the finest citizens this town has to offer. I have in the last few hours recieved many emails telling me stories of her and her families kindness and generosity. Volunteer work with their church, and schools. Hugging anyone willing, or looking like they need one. Friend to every neighborhood child. Devoted mother, wife, and all around wonderfull human being. I could keep going, because it apears she has a long list of accolades, and seems to have made an impression on many people in and out of this town. Those are some of the things people have said in the couple dozen emails that have shown up in the last two hours. I am not putting her name in print because it seems she needs no introduction (and I do not know if she would want that). 

You know what are some other things said in those very same emails? ROYFMC and his not so better half have none of those traits. “They are a pimple on the ass of this community” was one of the few things I can even repeat without washing my mouth out with soap or going to confession. 

The following is the face of the destruction of Schiller Park. Avoid its gaze, and if it should approach you call 911. If him or his family seem to be in need of some assistance stay away, and call 911. 

We as a community need to band together. To stand up to these people and protect each other from their lies!


    Shame on the SPPD for not investigating the false accusation more closely, and after finding out the truth not defending the good citizens of Schiller Park against the scourge of SP. Making a false police report is a crime, and one he has committed many times I’m sure.                  Makes you wonder doesn’t it?


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