Roy F McCampbell – stalker/harasser?

I have a correcrion to make. It has been brought to my attention that this may not be the McCampbell car, but that in itself brings up some points I want to mention.

It is so commonly believed that he has stalked and harassed people in this town that most people wouldn’t even question it being his vehicle. If this is in fact not his vehicle it would be more of a surprise then if it was. 

Here is an example of why no one would question it. 

He drives all over town doing nothing but looking for people to harass, but as he states in his own posts I am the one harassing him. Well Mr Roy F McCampbell I see it very differently. I am shareing factual information As best as I can and clearly stated opinions when it  applies. If I make a mistake I am man enough to admit fault. Or take responsobilty for my error. Have you ever taken responsibility? Your continued attempts to gather sympathy from people who don’t know the truth about you and your motivations has not gone unnoticed.

He has said in the past that he advocates for his family. His standard I’m a great person retoric, but he constantly puts them in situations that will only serve to get someone In trouble, and does it for that reason alone. 

I am not a member of the political community of Schiller Park, and I have no intentions of ever changing that. What I am a member of is the ever increasing and already substantial community of parents and family of those he has run out of town and bullied into submission. 

He falsely accuses others of his very own allegedly illegal activities with the sole purpose of distracting anyone that will listen from the truth. I state my opinion on here regularly and share information about people that can be freely found on many news outlets across Illinois. 

This vehicle may or may not be his, but would anyone be surprised if it was? 

This is the sort of thing this individual does with his unlimited spare time. Roy F McCampbell could possibly be siting at the corner of the persons house who he just filed a false police report against for allegedly taking pictures of the McCampbell house. 

The posts on facebook showing this picture said it was around 10:30 am this morning and he sat there for a while. At the corner of two dead end streets none the less. 

Let us remind ourselves that he is the never ending victim that does no wrong, and everyone is stalking or harassing him not the other way around. He is also currently under indictment for theft and official misconduct by the state of Illinois. He has waged the same intimidation campaign against other residents of this town, and I’m sure countless others outside of Schiller Park. He puts his family in situations he can use to his advantage regularly with no regard for their safety, and has no problem making endless complaints to any governmental body he can think of. At last report and unconfirmed at this time, he makes as many complaints to the Schiller Park Police Department as he has School District 81 (40 and counting). One of the other residents he has harassed and accused of stalking made a valid observation and that the Schiller Park Police Department needs to deal with the actual source of the problems and stop trying to get the actual law abiding citizens to stop looking out for their friends and neighbors.

If you see it approaching you or sitting by your house call 911. Do not attempt to pursue the individual as he will not hesitate to call 911 on you. 

Call 911 and have an officer deal with him as they should already be doing. 


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