Page 1 – 19 “Nom De Guerre”


Nom De Guerre = An assumed name under which a person engages in combat or some other activity or enterprise.

This is Combat of a sort. It s a war against harassment, and the mistreatment of good people all for the ignorant enjoyment of a very small group. It couldn’t be a more appropriate term to use.

This is a battle for the rights of the Children in School District 81 to have an education given to them by educators who are free from the distractions caused by these two individuals and THEIR agents David Stachura and Patricia Godziszewski.

The pages of the document released yesterday only give further proof of the difficulty of the situation. Leaks of information to the McCampbell parents from board members, the false accusations he or his wife dream up and then use as an excuse to stop any talks or mediation. Obsessive behaviors by him on social media. How many of you have noticed that Roy McCampbell restricts anyone he chooses to attack from seeing his lies? It is my opinion he does this so that the people he is lying about and attacking can not defend themselves.

On to the pages. 

I am going to go on record with the statement that i have no official proof that the redacted names on all of the emails are in fact Roy F McCampbells, or Mary Jane Goldthwaites. I do however believe without any hesitation that the redacted names are in fact theirs, or a variation of their names.

Pages 1, and 2 contain the intro I shared in the previous post, and a table of contents.

Page 3 is the contact information for Darcy Kriha’s law firm.

Page 4 is confirming the date and time for a meeting that was held with or in regard to Mr McCampbell to discuss coming to a mutually agreeable solution to his issues. The page also contains an email discussing a phone conversation between Darcy Kriha and Mr McCampbell and how a complaint he made against the superintendent was not meant to be that.

Page 5 is I assume the redacted highlights of the meeting discussed previously.

Page 6 is the remaining portion of the redacted email mentioned on page 5. It also contains a duplicate email from page 5.

Page 7 is a forwarded email by Mr McCampbell complaining about some post meeting conduct of the superintendent, and how community members reported this to him shortly after the meeting to resolve the issues. Mr McCampbell then stated he withdraws from any efforts being made to reconcile with the superintendent.

On Page 8 the rambling complaints begin. He discusses me as a Mythical character doing the superintendents work through my F.O.I.A. Requests. He goes on to make his own request for a copy of the 22 complaint binder he has accused the district of using as a prop. I am sure those documents were provided to him, and he has remained silent on this matter because he was as usual lying. I myself have requested his complaints, and have been denied those request based off of child records privacy. I was however not denied because the documents do not exist. A number for the amount of complaints was later given in a released document. That number at the time was 40.

Page 9 is mostly blank and only contains the redacted name of the sender of the original email, and the name of Darcy Kriha.

Page 10 is the main topic of this post. An email originating from Roy F McCampbell sent to Darcy Kriha, and then forwarded from Darcy Kriha to the superintendent.

Clearly, “James Tompson” is a “nom de guerre” being used by someone associated with Schiller Park School District 81 to trash me and my family. 
My association with the school is as a grandfather. My association with you Mr McCampbell is long, and detailed. Filled with observations of your destruction, and dismantlement of anything that was good, or anyone that got in the way of your goals. You have rained destruction down on any organization or individual you have felt slighted by, and use your knowledge as a lawyer to continue your reign of terror . 

 “James Tompson” has already had to vary the spelling of the name to get back on Facebook after he was thrown off. 
– Based off of some information I had learned and my continuing need to protect my children and grand children from his harassment I decided to start over, and redo my accounts. I was not thrown off of Facebook, as he stated.  I am also sure in McCampbell’s mind he had me kicked off, but I can assure you this is not the case. I deactivated my original account and started the new accounts for a reason, and this statement further proves to me what I have known for years. Delusional thoughts are daily, and all encompassing.

So beyond phone calls and other contact that my wife and I have received in the last 36 hours there is a long trail of conduct against our family. The information being used by “James Tompson” and in the past Mr. Jeremy Hargus to pursue FOIA’s and other attacks against me and my family have had origins within the institution that you are representing.

– I can not, and will not speak for Mr Hargus. I will however state that my F.O.I.A. requests were made with two intentions. One to prove to the community that what I say on those particular subjects was true. The second goal was to let you Mr McCampbell know that people are now watching your activities, and it’s not just me. This town is increasingly aware of your conduct, and they are tired of it. 

You have asked for proof, and I have a problem which grows by the hour as new information and conduct continues to surface, supplying you with such information which in essence very likely is going to implicate your client and/or agents in the torrid conduct.

– Mr Roy F McCampbell has filled dozens of complaints all of them being unfounded. If he actually had something that would “Implicate” anyone in, or out of District 81 he would have prosecuted with extreme prejudice. He also uses this particular method of distraction when it comes to putting actions behind his words. 

It is my opinion that what has been being done to my family needs to be thoroughly reviewed by a third disinterested party with broad powers to conduct an investigation. – It is my opinion that there is no “Disinterested parties” remaining that will take on your complaints. 

In any case this on going conduct needs to cease. I thought we had reached some accord on Tuesday, but shortly thereafter it became clear that there was no sincerity in the discussion or someone intentionally sabotaged the attempts at an accord.
I have attached information pulled from “Jim Tompson’s” Facebook page. It is quite troubling that first several members of the District 81 school board have “friended” “Jim Tompson” helping to perpetuate his conduct against my family. This includes District 81 Board members Richard Flanagan, former Board member Rick Chillemi, Mary Ann Desecki, and Allison Pajauskas Downs, as well as Leyden High School Board member Jim Lima (whose son is an employee of District 81).

– I am honored by anyone who has taken a stand to do what is right, and defend the education of this towns children, and chooses to follow my Facebook page and blog. These people who you mentioned are also adults who have a right to their opinions, and feelings. The fact that they also may hold an office matters little, and as long as they are not divulging anything private like your “agents” have done why can’t they read “Friend” or “Like” anything they want. 

Furthermore, the friends that are also included with Jim Tompson include Rex Morioka, who is a member of the District 81 Facilities Committee (and is the moderator of the Facebook Page “Parents of SD 81 which continues to distribute his trashing of me and my family) – Truth not trashing; Diane Kryl Morioka, the wife of Rex Morioka, who is a Finance Committee member as well as being on the Boards of the District 81 Band Boosters, Athletic Boosters and ABC Parents group, who also continues to trash my family on various Facebook websites;

– I want to thank you Mr McCampbell for clarifying for me how upstanding, and fantastic the people are who have taken up the cause of defending the education of this towns children, and are working toward a safer more secure work environment for the staff of School District 81. You have in your own words described some of the people who I believe are shining examples of what parental participation should be. 

Clearly, these people continue as well to work as proxies for the Superintendent and or Board of Education in a very hateful pursuit of me and my family.

– Roy F McCampbell as usual has shown us how everything is about him. The world revolves around the narcissist, and not the other way around. 

Pages 11 – 19 are his attachments. Screenshots from my Facebook, and friends list. I have recently been told i should block Mr McCampbell, but i have nothing to hide. I tell the truth, and I will not hide from him like he does the people he lies about.


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