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On March 17th 2015 Schiller Park School District 81 released a series of documents. These documents consisted of mostly email corispondence between a few key Personel of District 81, and the McCampbell Family. 

The documents released represent the communications that led to the decisions to write two separate letters. The first one being the letter sent by David Stachura and Patricia Godziszewski to the School Board’s lawyer Darcy L Kriha. We have discussed this letter more then a few times on this blog, and most of the readers are very aware of its implications. If you are not, the original letter and a small break down can be found here in my “I am a tool” post. 

The second letter being the communication directive sent to the McCampbells, Roy F and Mary Jane Goldthwaite. This letter represents what I believe to be the first major step in putting an end to the McCampbell/Goldthwaite scourge. These two individuals have harassed the staff and more specifically the Superintendent of School District 81 for years. With well over 40 complaints filed, Roy F McCampbell’s obsessive behavior is unhealthy and dangerous. The Board, and it’s attorney had no choice but to take measures to protect the Superintendent and her family.
Some examples of Roy McCampbells Harrassment can be found here. In that post I was able to share screenshots I took of a small portion of his hate campaign before he tried deleting them from the Internet in what can only be a continued attempt at portraying himself as the victim of mistreatment of his family by the staff, the administration of School District 81, and residents of this town. I will add that these reports of harassment and mistreatment are lies, but I will let you make those decisions. 
The documents released today are further proof of the issues that are being undertaken by the good people in this district who actually care about their jobs, and the education of your children. I am going to try very hard to explain and break down this rather large set of documents over the next few days. Some opinion, and some facts ending with my thoughts on the answers that have been given to the questions asked of David Stachura, and Patricia Godziszewski during their games of avoidance. 
So let’s start with the first paragraph. I also promise I will not go line by line. No one has the time for that, and much of the emails we will discuss over the next few days are self explanatory. 

In order to provide context for the letter written 11-4-14 to Darcy Kriha, Board Attorney, by Pat Godziszewski, Board Vice-President, and David Stachura, Board President, the following timeline and supporting documents are included for easy reference. Note that the events leading up to the request in the letter began on Oct. 22, 2014 and escalated rapidly at the recommendation of the Board Attorney. We believe a reasonable person would have questioned the actions driven by the Board Attorney. The letter stated what we understood to be true, questioned the authority and motivation of the Board Attorney to call a Special Meeting, and requested that it be posted on a date and time when more Board Members could attend and participate in the discussion.

The key words in this very first paragraph are “reasonable person”. Roy F McCampbell is what I believe to be the exact opposite of a reasonable person, with his wife Mary Jane Goldthwaite trailing in a very close second place. In my opinion delusions of grandure, and narcissistic tendencies have severely clouded the already bad judgment of two very destructive people. These activities have damaged the education system in School District 81 to a level I believe is going to take years to repair.

Roy F McCampbell and Mary Jane Goldthwaite continue to act with self serving motivation under the false premise of advocating for their family and for quality education, all the while damaging the abilities of the District to maintain the high quality services it has in the past for all of its children.

We as a community need to take your schools, and our town back from the destructive individuals who have made it their life’s work to destroy our future.

If you do not want to wait for my breakdown you can read all of the documents at the link below


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