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No one is shaming his family, or does Roy F McCampbell suggest we just look the other way while he destroys any chance of your kids getting the quality education they deserve? Mr McCampbell wouldn’t feel that shame if he would stop doing all the shameful things. I for one would like the energy that is used trying to deal with such disruptive individuals to be redirected to the people who will in the end appreciate the effort, and benefit the most from the work.

Shame is often something someone feels when they have done something wrong. We all know he doesn’t feel he has done anything wrong, so why would Roy F McCampbell choose this word? Because it has power, and he tries to use the power of that word to make people feel he is being attacked. He uses words like shammed, stalked, and attacked because they have strength. People often read those words, and they feel a reaction. Some might even believe him based off of their belief that he couldn’t make such an accusation if it wasn’t true. Well it isn’t true, and in fact it is very much the other way around. I have said it many times, and I’m more then sure i will again in the future, but it is my opinion that he is the one who stalks, and harasses. He is the one projecting his shame onto others to distract from his true nature. People feel sorry for the victim, and he plays that role every day of his life. He has police follow him around for his protection, and is constantly talking about one nonexistent perceived threat after another. I myself have been a target of these delusions, and I wouldn’t put it past him or his wife to fabricate situations to sway people to their side. It has happened before.

Page 20

This page contains an email that was sent to Darcy Kriha by Roy F McCampbell. Its simply more repetitive rhetoric, and accusations based in fantasy.

Subject: What is the true purpose ? Shaming of a family ? Email 2 of 2

There has developed a constant effort by persons associated with Schiller Park School District 81 to “shame” my wife and I. It is my conclusion that these efforts clearly appear to be emanating from the Superintendent. – The superintendent of School District 81 is not in charge of Mr McCampbell’s behaviors, and activities. He if not by age alone is an adult, and in full control of his own action. The shame lies on Mr McCampbell’s shoulders, and the shoulders of his wife, and based on history their shoulders carry a heavy burden. 

I am only providing you with a snap shot of a substantial portfolio of highly questionable conduct because it is my assessment that there has been collaboration between some Board members and the Superintendent to further this “shaming”. – The School Board, and its individual members are not in charge of Mr McCampbell’s actions. They do not control the things he does in the name of advocating for his family, and his shame is his own. If Mr McCampbell actually had any sort of proof, or any information of any substance it would have been dealt with very publicly already, but his accusations are baseless, and have no weight. Therefor they remain simply accusations he can not back up. 

I have attached the two FOIA requests of “Jim Tompson”. Please note that these requests memorialize some interesting information. You should note that on his October 2, 2014 request it is noted that Mr. Tompson appeared in person at the office of SD 81 at 10 pm and on October 9, 2014 at 6 pm; both of these times are clearly outside of the normal business hours of the office. This raises some interesting questions as to who this person is dealing with at the District and if a District representative is meeting outside of business hours with this mythical person. – The only questions it raises are how did he get the F.O.I.A.s i submitted? through his own F.O.I.A.? There is nothing listed on the current F.O.I.A. log . If Mr McCampbell had gotten them through normal channels he would have noticed that I “James Tompson” submitted those requests electronically, and they were in fact sent around the times I mistakenly wrote in that space. If Roy F McCampbell would take the time to get his information through appropriate outlets he would have seen that.

I do not challenge that Mr. Tompson’s address and phone number should be obscured when there is a sincere FOIA, but if this is being done to hide a false identity (this information itself may be false and administrators may in fact know this) and being supported by the Administration to intentionally hurt my family this is a problem, and I am calling this to your attention. – The School District of Schiller Park’s F.O.I.A. officers seem to be very diligent in their execution of the law, and if i am not mistaken the law states that they will protect personal information from being disseminated to the public without permission. Well i never gave that permission. This is a topic Mr McCampbell has himself “advocated” for. I have the utmost confidence that no laws were broken, and my personal information is secure as it should be. 

In summary, something has to be done to make a positive difference for my family; I made a effort on Tuesday, but it exploded in my face and has come back to haunt me and my family. – Something does need to be done to make a positive difference for your family, and you alone are the one capable of making that happen. The ball has been in your court for a long time, and you instead choose to continue your activities, and deceptions. It is my opinion that you and your wife alone are the ones bringing the negativity to your family. 

This insanity needs to end,

This insanity needs to end,

How do you propose that this gets resolved ? Thank you for at least listening.

Page 21 was the end of the email above

Page 22, and 23 are copies of my F.O.I.A. requests. Both properly redacted by the District’s officials.

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