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Patricia Godziszewski

This image was sent to me with the caption “Sharing is caring” It was sent to me anonymously, but it is such a gem I had to share it myself.

lets talk a short while about Patricia Godziszewski.








I have nothing…. Nothing good at least. I could go on for a long time about her lack of respect or inability to perform her tasks as a School Board Member let alone the Vice President. She has admitted she doesn’t know how to use an IPad, and this in itself is not a terrible thing as I even struggle at times, but I am also not a Schooll Board member or that Boards Vice Pressident. Technology is at the core of modern education, and the centerpiece of just about every advancement being implemented in every school. When you take on a role that is so heavily involved in technology you have to step up to the plate, and grow in order to do your job. She is finishing a four year term, and only recently admitted her lack of iPad abilities.

She is heavily credentialed on her board bio, but i have to say you wouldn’t be able to tell by listening to her performances. Quoting someone from facebook “Some people have degrees and it’s a measure of their intelligence. Others have degrees and they are a testament of how good they were at sitting in a classroom.” this to me applies directly to Patricia Godziszewski.

She is Daves right hand lady, and consistently unprepared for Board meetings. As we will all get to witness at this evenings School Board meeting. (Some of us have to wait for the video)

Page 30 is simple, and needs little explanation.

Hello Darcy–

I have some questions about this letter and the one you are advising the Board to approve. I am not available on Wed., Nov. 5 due to an evening field trip for my students that has been planned for several weeks. Please call me either at work—yes I’m still here (847 451 3624), cell 630 207 4481, or home 847 678 8918.


Pat Godziszewski
Member, School Board District 81

No big conspiracy here. Just the Vice President of the School Board not knowing what is going On. Her questions about the letters will be in the posts to come, and her lack of understanding will be very clear.

Remember April 7th is just around the corner. It is our chance as a community to take back the schools.


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