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I am going to take a break from my planned schedule to share some of my feelings on the school board elections. For what ever its worth I think this election for School Board is the most important in a vey long time. The Schools are on the edge of trouble, and we need to vote based off of honest knowledge and not on who our friends are, or what our neighbors say. Make your vote based off of the facts presented through meeting videos and minutes. Make your vote based off of what is good for the children of this town, and not based off of who you are mad at, or don’t like.

Let’s start with “Team81”

I’m going to try and organize my thoughts by candidate, and share info from the source along with things i found to be true, and of course my opinions.  I have tried to remain very open minded despite my very strong feelings on the subject. I have tried to step back and pretend I don’t know anything about whats going on. Towards the end that falls apart a little as what i have seen from the last candidate almost completely eliminates open mindedness.


IMPACT. What is impact? According to their site it’s

  • I– integrity
  • M– Motivation
  • P– Professionalism
  • A– Accountability
  • C– Commitment
  • T– Teamwork

Those are very good things to strive for. Great things to maintain as a Board member, and in life, but do they have what it takes to uphold these morals?

The TEAM 81 Candidates.

That’s Team 81 right there. Paul Ohm, Alex Giangrande, and Pat Godzizewski.

Do they really have what it takes to uphold IMPACT?

Paul Ohm? I can safely say that I have no solid idea. He has attended almost two full meetings, he has a nice broad background according to his BIO. I have not met the man myself, but I have heard that he is a decent guy from people that do know him, but can he live up to their tag line?

  • Integrity – unknown
  • Motivation – unknown
  • Professionalism – unknown
  • Accountability – unknown
  • Commitment – unknown
  • Teamwork – unknown 

I want to add some thoughts on Mr Ohm. He is a veteran. A veteran of a foreign war, and that goes far with me. Being a veteran of a foreign war myself, (although a significantly older one) I feel safe in my thought that there is a good chance that Mr Ohm has the traits of their tag line IMPACT, But the bottom line is that I don’t really know for sure. I have also met, and served with many people who lived up to very few of the IMPACT items. Just being in the military is not a guarantee of being a person with the IMPACT traits, or a good choice for the schools. 

I would have really liked to have seen his attendance at much more then just under two Board Meetings, but to Mr Ohm’s credit he was in fact the only member of TEAM81 to attend the SPEA community forum. 

(Video found here)

Paul will not be getting my vote simply from his lack of attendance, and lack of involvement until his entrance into the race for School board. I would liked to have seen a lot more from Mr Ohm. 

Alex Giangrande? Even less is really known about Mr Giangrande. He attended his first school board meeting last night. His BIO is a little less broad then Mr Ohm’s, but that’s ok. For me personally as a voter it’s not about what their BIO says, but what they think, and feel. Their connection to the situations, and issues the District faces. Can he live up to the tag line?

  • Integrity – unknown
  • Motivation – unknown
  • Professionalism – unknown
  • Accountability – unknown
  • Commitment – unknown
  • Teamwork – unknown 

Mr Alex Giangrande is more of an unknown to most voters then Mr Ohm. He did not attend the SPEA community forum. I normally would not automatically count him out for that, but the reality is that he did not even return the survey he recieved via certified mail prior to the forum. 

His Bio says he works in construction, and is a trained architect. Although this has some value, to me a person’s job shouldn’t be a main reason for getting votes. It matters but minimally. I wanted to know more about Mr Giangrande, and his beliefs on education and the situation in School District 81. I wanted to know more about his ability to research a situation, and how he comes to his conclusions. Does he just follow who ever he thinks is right? Or does he do the research and come to his own choices? These are things we simply just do not have time to get an honest feel for. 

The most unfortunate part for both Mr Ohm, and Mr Giangrande is that they are running with pat. They as individuals may have great potential, and if I knew more about either of them I may have been able to look past who they are running with. With with only 18 days until Election Day, and no more school board meetings or opportunities to get to know either of them I feel my mind is all but made up. The only things I have to go on are that they are running with Patricia Godziszewski, and have only attended a combined total of two and a half School Board meeting, and that is simply not enough. 

Pat Godziszewski. Can she live up to the IMPACT traits? In comparison to the previous two candidates a considerable amount is known about Patricia Godziszewski. So much so that it proves my point about why voting off of a BIO is a very bad idea.

Patricia Godziszewski’s BIO is lenghty, and to the outside reader it may be very impressive. It gives the impression of an incredibly capable person with an education that would help her be an outstanding and effective board member. As hard as it was for me to write that part of this paragraph it’s true. From the outside anyone who reads her BIO would think she is a shoe in for a Board member spot. An outside reader would think that she lives and breaths education and will look out for the best interests of our schools as a whole. It would give a reader the impression she will work diligently to keep up with the times, and modern day needs of our schools. Sadly that is simply not true.

Does Patricia Godziszewski live up to the IMPACT standards?

  • Integrity – Absolutely none
  • Motivation – She has motivation to a degree, but not in a productive manner. She is motivated towards the goals that benefit her, and David Stachura. 
  • Professionalism – An undeniable no
  • Accountability – Not in any way 
  • Commitment – She has a level of commitment that others before her have not had I can at least say that much. Past School Board member Kenneth McNeil (running for village trustee under C.U.P.) for example was very often absent from meetings. Patricia with the exception of the current abscesses is for the most part at the meetings. 
  • Teamwork – Not even once. Patricia Godziszewski is for Team Pat and Dave. There is endless examples of this and I just can’t be objective on this one. 

Patricia Godziszewski is basically the exact opposite of who her BIO represents. She is a shining example of why you don’t vote for someone based off of what they look like on paper. If you take 20 people with the same exact credentials and put them in a group you will have 20 different personalities with 20 different levels of “IMPACT”. Pat Godziszewski is the one person in that room of 20 who embodies everything a School Board member shouldn’t be. She is the one person In that group that will take down and ruin all the remaining 19. 

Here is the link for the full board videos.

Here is the link for some shortened versions of the videos that were created by another community member.

There is also a lot of material on this blog. Don’t take my word for any of this when voting. Use what you may find on this blog to guide you in finding out for yourself what the facts of the situation are. Also the videos will not give you proof of the attendance record for Mr Ohm, or Mr Giangrande, so ask them. If they have any of the “IMPACT” traits they will tell you the truth. If they are like Patricia Godziszewski, and have chosen to follow her guidance they will tell you something very different.

I will go over Champions for Children in a future post, but I have already made a few posts with some of my feelings on that group. You can find one here.




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