What’s the deal?

David C Stachura

Whats the deal with the Stachuras and the McCampbells?

That might seem like an odd question, but what is the deal really? We are all very aware of Roy F McCampbell, and his “alleged” past less then honest activities. A grand jury indictment accuses him of stealing more than $500,000 from the west suburban village of Bellwood, in part by manipulating his employment contracts and deceiving the Village Board about them. But the question that has been on many people’s minds is why do people openly align themselves with him? Why does Dave Stachura so directly and openly defend him?

True friends stick together, no matter what. Even during the situations that they may completely disagree it wouldn’t be inappropriate to stand by a friends side in support of them and their family. Through thick and thin and all that,  but is that the case here? Do people stick to that with such a clear inability to separate themselves, when it so clearly affects ones ability to do their job?

David C Stachura, a volunteer fireman for 17 years, and veteran of the Air National Gaurd after 20 years. A father, grandfather, and a past Cub Scout leader. He is a current member of American legion post #974, and a lifetime member of VFW Post #2149. Looking at that little snapshot he seems to be an upstanding citizen. He was also on the Schiller Park Library Board for 11 years with 6 as its President, and now serving his second term on the Schiller Park School District 81 School Board, and is currently that Board’s President. With no blairing criminal accusations outstanding, calling him an upstanding citizen doesn’t appear to be a stretch. It’s also obvious that civic duty is high on his list of priorities, so why such devotion to someone so obviously clouded in judgment as Roy F McCampbell? This devotion to one family in the district has shown itself so regularly during his time on School District 81’s Board that many have questioned his ability to be impartial on any subject dealing with that same family. When every vote and comment made by Mr Stachura is in exact contradiction to three or four other board members each and every time, and when he is so consistently in favor of the McCampbell family I can’t find fault in the communities conclusions. In fact it is and has always been my opinion that David C Stachura is by no means capable of separating his friendship from Mr McCampbell, and School Board Buisness. This is one of the most repeated comments to me, with Patricia Godziszewski’s inability to do her job in a very close second. 

Does the incredible support of the McCampbell family carry over to David Stachura’s wife, Catherine Stachura and her position as Schiller Park Library Board President? How deep does that connection go? Does Roy F McCampbell have influence over her also, and if so to what end? It’s not a stretch to think that two people that have been together for so long would have the same feelings on such subjects as the McCampbells, but what would the Library Board have to offer Roy McCampbell? Preferenctial treatment at events? A safe haven to carry on his behind the scenes deals in an environment with fewer eyes watching his every move?

David Stachura was one of the driving forces behind the hiring of the law firm that represented Schiller Park School District  81 before the current one.  A law firm that has had some bad press as far as the representation of other school boards, and has had questionable connections to Mr McCampbell from the beginning. Even with all the questions to that subject being asked of David Stachura, and Patricia Godziszewski by their fellow board members the law firm was voted in. As it turns out that was the begging of what became one of the most costly eras in the School District’s history. With legal fees skyrocketing, and what one could only refer to as bad legal advice David Stachura, and Patricia Godziszewski cost the tax payers of this community 100s of thousands of dollars. The law firm resigned on the eve of their removal by the School Board members who now had a majority vote on the topic, and that same resignation letter was released by Mr McCampbell shortly before that Board meeting ever took place. When it was released by Mr McCampbell, to the best of my knowledge it was not yet public information. More information on the resignation of that law firm can be found here

That very same law firm made a presentation to the Library board at Its Februrary 27, 2014 meeting. (http://schillerparklibrary.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Meeting-Minutes-February-2014.pdf). The firms representative Keri-Lyn Krafthefer offered advice on changing laws, insurance direction, and employee policy. Is this a coincidence? Or was this a possible attempt by that firm at becoming the library boards legal representation? It only begs the question who was the guiding force behind this presentation, and possible switch of Library Board representation? Does School Board President David C Stachura, and Library Board President Catherine Stachura have a similar agenda? Or just a similar person guiding their activities behind the scenes, but for what reason?

The one thing I do know for sure is that Mr David C Stachura has gone to such great lengths to defend Roy F McCampbell that he has made it more clear then ever that he should separate himself from any future involvement with the McCampbell Family and their interactions with School District 81. His judgment is clouded by his friendship, and out of respect for the other 1300+ children of SchillerPark School District 81 he needs to step back. 

This is about education and not friendship. We need people that can be objective, and honest in their decisions. 


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