Third time’s the charm

Screen Shot 2015

I do not have the details of the above mugshot. Nothing other then the date of February 22nd of 2015, and that this is a narcotics related incident according to the text at the bottom of the page. It is not the soliciting a prostitute incident that happened on January the 8th. It is also not the drug related incident that happened on August 3rd 2014.

So now we have three incidents.

  • August 3rd 2014
  • January 8th 2014
  • February 22nd 2015

When does a parent stop making excuses for someone and start taking action?

The below details are taken from a previous post of mine on January 9th of 2015. The links are now burried in the newspapers archives, and F.O.I.A. has been submitted. I do not like to have broken links to proof of my statements. 

On August 3rd 2014 it was reported by the Franklin Park Harold-Journal that a Michael Godziszewski, 32, of 2731 Calwagner, was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and eight counts of possession of a controlled substance. Each charge is a felony.

The police found more then 150 grams of marijuana and more the 140 pills of eight different varieties.

After that incident one would hope that maybe the individual involved might have learned a lesson and maybe stop, sit back, and make some life changes.

The following is a piece of an article written by the same publication and reporter on January 8th

14 men were arrested and cited with attempting to solicit prostitutes on Mannheim road in unincorporated Leyden Township.

Would anyone like to take a guess on who one of the 14 men might have been?

You got it! Michael Godziszewski, 32, of Franklin Park.

What has led Michael Godziszewski down this path? What events in his life helped to form his ability to make poor life choices? Some might blame his upbringing, or his parents. Most will blame genetics or say he is just a bad apple. That choice is up to you, and the jury is still out on the reasons for making bad choices like his. Many people have also said that he is a grown man, and she is not responsible for his actions. We all have our beliefs, and I can only speak from experience when I say I would seriously question what I did wrong in my upbringing of a child if this was the pattern I saw starting in his or her life no matter his age. Maybe she isn’t responsible, but maybe she is.

That brings me to a few difficult questions, the very unpopular questions that nobody ever seems to want to ask out loud. What if his upbringing or life environment guided him in the choice of lifestyle he lives? If there is even a small chance that what he was shown in childhood was the cause of his lack of ability to properly weigh the good and the bad in the choices he is faced with, would you want those same elements that formed his decision making process to guide the education of your child? Did he learn how to weigh these choices by observing the actions of his parent? We may never know and some will hate that I am even putting it in writing, but I am not willing to take that chance. I will not take the chance that a persons lack of ability to make life choices in the upbringing of their children is also how they make choices in their roll as a school board member or teacher. Are you willing to take that chance with your children’s education?

Out of respect for the people that voted her into office and the parents of this community Patricia Godziszewski should resign from her position on the school board of School District 81. Not because she’s guilty of any crime, or because of her adult child’s actions, but because her adult child’s actions call to question her ability to fulfill the oath she swore to the members of this community and their children. But respect is something that she doesn’t show often, and with the discussion of the letter to the districts lawyer in regard to The superintendent still hanging over the district I will not hold out on her doing the right thing and stepping away to take care of her family. Respect, and doing the right things are not traits Patricia Godziszewski is in the habit of showing.


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