In the beginning


When I started this blog with this post here, I had no idea what it would turn into. 96 posts and just over 20,000 views later it has become something entirely different. One thing this blog never was and still is not, is political. I have discussed political topics, and even expressed my political opinions and what information I have used to come to those opinions. It has always been about sharing information with those who might not know, and trying to open people’s minds to the posibilities of people doing unbelievable damage to this community. 

I know Very well the differant types of people that read my blog. There is the people who feel the same, those who will never feel the same, those open minded enough to consider the possibilities of what I post, and those I post about. There is a number of sub-groups but that to me is the main four. I have always and will continue to always read and listen to any opinion or comment There is many points of view to every subject, but there is one sub-group I have always had a hard time with. I do not have an issue with all of the people who will never feel the same as me, but the ones that are unable to accept that there is more to truth then the information coming from someone who they like. The people who read one post and because someone said I was wrong they just automatically close their mind. There is facts to back up most truths, and just because your neighbor or friend says its so doesn’t mean it is. 

At the time of this post and by the account of one person. 14+ years ago Patricia Godziszewski may have been a helpfull and wonderfull board member and volunteer, but this is simply not the case today. 

I knew Pat from when I attended St. Beatrice School many years ago. Her and her husband were very active in the parish and a great asset to the community. To even suggest that this possibly didn’t happen is just ludicrous. Keep the dirty politics out of Schiller Park. Tired of all the negativity.

I am not just suggesting it, I am saying from my current point of view it’s hard to believe anything else. It’s not ludicrous to those that have only seen the damage Pat Godziszewski, Dave Stachura, and Roy F McCampbell have done. I am also open minded enough to know that the commenter’s statement could very well be true, and maybe she had a very positive experience in her times with Patricia Godziszewski. 

Patricia Godziszewski’s husband passed away in 2000 (this is a terrible thing and for the record no matter my feelings on a persons ability to do their job I am truly sorry for her and her family). It is now 2015, and as I have said, a lot can change in 14 years. I am sure the author of the comment above would not make a choice that involves the futures of children, and the proper use of taxpayer money based off of the person she knew 14 years ago. 

If I could have one wish, it would be that people would make choices in life, and decisions that affect lives based off what is in fact actual information, and not on who will give them the most, or who they think is the nicest person. Elections are after all not a popularity contest, and If people would understand that the Patricia Godziszewski’s of the world would have moved on as soon as they were no longer a “nice person”. 

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