Patricia Godziszewski, David Stachura, and the subject of trust. 


Successful teamwork is built on a foundation of trust. Each member of the team must establish trust, cultivate trust through his or her actions and words, and work to maintain it. Each member of the team also needs to be able to trust the other members to make a commitment to the team and its goals, work competently with those goals in mind, and communicate consistently about any issues that affect the team.

There will always be disagreements, but in the end the School Board is a group of seven individuals with individual ideas coming together and speaking with one voice in support of the District and education. 

That was a quote from a post on the Facebook page Schiller Park Uncensored written by School Board candidate Jeremy Hargus. What he says gets to the basics of it all, but in my experience can not be accomplished without trust. There will always be disagreements, and when you have seven individuals who are trying to come together as a team and work together on any subject there is always going to be opposing viewpoints. Each member of that team needs to feel they trust the other members to make choices honestly, and with an open mind. 

There was another post on Facebook this morning. One not so positive in nature, and in my opinion completely miss-guiding in design. A post that was intended to miss-lead by not giving all of the details. By taking a single email out of context, sent in response to other emails that are all part of a larger issue and placing it out in the public on its own, Dave Stachura attempts to miss-guide the communities vote. In effect taking advantage of the public trust. 

The following was posted by the School District 81 School Board president David C Stachura to the ABC, and Resident Citizens Facebook pages. 

The above assembled post is obviously meant to be a political guide to push voters in one direction, but is what it contains factual? 

The Facebook post by David Stachura describes a letter from Patricia Godziszewski asking for the Boards cooperation in adhering to Board Policy. That alone is something that both Patricia Godziszesski, and David C Stachura have struggled with since they were elected to the School Board. Just at the last board meeting Mr Stachura had a very difficult time grasping why documents are redacted before release. Video found here

Mr Stachura’s post further states that Mary Ann Desecki clarifies her position as obstructionist and disrespectful. This makes it clear to me that his intentions for his post were to miss-guide the public in their voting process. I again point towards the video linked above, and the previous four meeting videos found on the School District’s web site here. In those videos you will find many examples of David C Stachura, and Patricia Godziszewski performing the very acts they have accused Board member Desecki of. They have “orchestrated and participated in hours of diatribe in and out of the Board room—at your expense.” Please do not take my word for it. Take a look at the videos and see for yourself the “obstructionist, and disrespectful” activities of Patricia Godziszewski, and David C Stachura. 

His continued comments have no fact or sources to back up the accusations. He states “she (Mary Ann Desecki) wants to be in charge, and has nothing in her credentials to show that she understands the service required and mechanisms in place for a board member to function properly and effectively in the best interests of the community”. When in fact the proof to the contrary exists in the Board of Education’s meeting videos (again found here). The truth of the situation is that despite Patricia Godziszeski’s “credentials” she lacks the proper understanding of the mechanisms needed to be a professional, and successfull School Board member. 

Please ask yourself  “is Patricia Godziszewski the person I want to direct millions of our tax dallors and make decisions affecting families and children for FOUR MORE YEARS???!!!” If you are honest with yourself, and took the time to do some small amount of research the only logical answer is no. Patricia Godziszewski is not that person, and something has to be done to turn things around. Re-electing Patrcia Godziszewski is not that something. 

In the name of honesty and factual information I also have included the original letter sent to Dr Kimberly Boryszewski sent from Board Member Mary Ann Desecki on June 5th 2014. Mr Stachura included this letter in his Facebook post this morning. 

When I read the letter above I see concern. I see an email that expresses complete frustration in a situation caused by David Stachura and Patricia Godziszewski. I see a letter showing one members distrust for another. I see a letter from a person who is struggling with the lack of remaining options, and feels that no forward progress can be made. I read emotion in a struggle to do what is best for the district. I also know the entire story, and have spent countless hours reading and researching the situation. I see the entire truth of of the situation, and with that knowledge I see the purpose for the email to the Superintendant. I only wish I could show every voting member of the School District 81 family the real truth. 

This School District’s Board members need to have trust in each other. There can not be a cohesive professional team when almost half of that team continues to break the trust given them by their fellow Board members, and the voting community.

Let’s vote trust back into School District 81, and help the Board rebuild their team!  Let’s vote for truth, and a positive supportive environment.

I will be voting Flanagan, Hargus, and Desecki on April 7th.  I can only hope you will join me. 




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