You find them at staff meetings, in the classroom, and even on the school bus. They are the ever-pessimistic people whose outlook can drain everyone’s energy. Finding ways to recognize and counteract their negativity is essential for maintaining an upbeat work environment.

Types of complainers

  • The “helpful complainer” has a specific gripe about an issue, but offers constructive feedback that could resolve the problem. 
  • A “therapeutic complainer” is experiencing a temporary setback and draws out a confidante to vent frustrations, rather than liberally spreading doom and gloom. 
  • The “malcontent complainer” is the one to watch out for. “They have ongoing, persistent problems with many issues, but offer no constructive suggestions. They are energy drainers, “

We all complain. Complaining is at its core not always a bad thing, and positive change can sometimes come from a “helpfull complaint”. In some cases we have to complain to someone or our heads will explode, but what happens when the person complaining has the constant ear of someone in a position to do something about those complaints. What happens when a “malcontent complainer” has the ear of a School Board President or Vice President?

Sadly the answer to that question is long and complicated. I have tried very hard to show what I have found during my research into the subject, and to show the influence one “malcontent complainer” has had on this School District. Although I have found item after item that clearly shows extreme favoritism by the School Board President David Stachura, and Vice President Patricia Godziszewski, trying to put it all together into an organized understandable timeline is all but impossible. Try adding in the facts I have found to back up the examples, and it makes my attempts that much more difficult. 

The difficulty, and complication of this situation Is something that David Stachura, Patricia Godziszewski, and Roy F McCampbell are well aware of. They use it to their advantage at every turn. Dave Stachura just used that fact in the creation of his last post yesterday morning.  


The post I shared above was a clear example of taking advantage of the situation. By posting a letter written by a frustrated School Board member, and not including all the supporting documentation he took advantage of the people’s trust. He is twisting the reality of the situation, and trying to paint a false image of the person who wrote an email with absolute honesty and sincerity at its core. He took advantage of the publics trust in him for the advancement of some unseen agenda. 

From the beginning of this blog 101 posts ago I have presented all the facts as I have found them. I have presented the situation for what it truly is. I do not twist reality to advance my cause, or present half truths in the attemp to miss-guide the readers. I also have yet to come to a conclusion as to why Dave Stachura and Pat Godziszewski have decided to fight so diligently in favor of only two people of this community. Why they have chosen to forsake every other student and parent in School Dostrict 81 to further their own disturbing cause. 

What I do feel I have a solid handle on is what or who is at the root of all these difficulties. It boils down to one thing, one description. A “malcontent complainer” a person who’s continuous complaints against almost all aspects of public government have all but shut the system down. 

Change in School District 81 is inevitable. It will come no matter what happens on April 7th. The question is do we want that change to happen because we voted for it, do we want to be part of the positive change that we need to save the School District from further degradation? Or do we want to just sit back and do nothing? If we don’t vote Patricia Godziszewski out of her position on the School Board the change we will see is the continued destruction of all the amazing things that have happened in this School District. 

To vote Patricia Godziszewski back into office is to spit in the face of education in Schiller Park. To vote for Patricia Godziszewski is to vote in favor of the continued loss of staff, and services. It would be a vote for continued waisting of incredibly valuable tax dallors, and a vote for one sided support of a set of “malcontent complainers” 

Vote Flanagan, Hargus, Desecki on April 7th and vote for positive growth in School District 81. Voting Flanagan, Hargus, Desecki is voting for quality education, and honest taxpayer representation. 


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