Sad Desperation


I think some people might be getting nervous about the upcoming election.

In early September of 2014 The Stachuras, and the McCampbells took down their hate filled defamatory blog, and the community rejoiced.

Today Schiller Park took a step back into the stone ages with the return of “the blog”.

Only three days before an important School Board election one group of candidates Paul Ohm, Alex Giangrande, and Patricia Godziszewski have nothing but lies and bad promises of tax relief to back them up. Then you have Richard Flanagan, Jeremy Hargus, and Mary Ann Desecki with endorsements from the SPEA (Schiller Park Education Association), IEA (Illinois Education Association), the Mayor of Franklin Park, and countless residents, among them Kara Blomquist, and Robin Fiala.

The “blogs” opening day’s events included the targeted attacks of an award winning parents group, and two of it’s founders Kara Blomquist, and Robin Fiala. They targeted the SPEA, and the IEA by default connection to the accusations against the SPEA. They restarted attacks against two current board members Richard Flanagan, and Mary Ann Desecki, who are regular community volunteers. They again trained their miss-guided crosshairs on a board member candidate Jeremy Hargus who is also a constant volunteer, and an outspoken defender of education, and honest government. They targeted the police chief and again Kara Blomquist, one of the kindest members of this community I have ever witnessed (did I mention Kara Blomquist has been feeding the homless in Schiller Park for years?). Oh and with all that hate filled attacking The blog found its way clear to endorse School Board candidates Paul Ohm, Alex Giangrande, and Patricia Godziszewski of Team 81.

The blog’s grand re-opening screams of political motivation and bad moral compasses. It stinks of sad desperation, and a last ditch effort to win votes through lies.

On April 7th 2015 let your votes be your voice and tell the world you stand for truth, and honesty.


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