The release of confidential information

more leaks by David through Catherine Stachura

What do you get when you put the Schiller Park School Board President, the Schiller Park Library Board President, an indicted community member, and his disgruntled wife in the same room….? You get the Schiller Park Blog. 

On April 4th 2015 the blog named above made its return to social media with posts more rediculous then is normally the case. Posting very few facts, mixed with a lot of lies, with the typical question at the end to attemp to make the reader think of the possibility. Using these techniques they attempt to cast doubt on the people that do not align themselves with the agendas of the blog’s four contributors. In that blog’s history they have made it a point to use bits and pieces of things that have actually happened and twist them into their own personal weapons to use against the good people of this town. 

When the blog returned to activity this past Saturday I decided I was not going to give it much attention as it was an example of many of the things that disgusts me in this world. It’s basically digital garbage, and not worth the energy, but then it happened. 

On April 5th 2015 at 7:56am Catherine Stachura (Schiller Park Library Board President), with the information given to her by David C Stachura (the only member of that blog who could have know the information posted), and I’m sure with the assistance of the remaining members of the Schiller Park Blog (the McCampbells) made a post to that same Blog that confirmed to many the concerns expressed by the majority of the remaining School Board, it’s Attorney, and a large part of the community. 


The suspicions that there is a leak of private District information to the public is not new news in School District 81. Knowing that David Stachura’s wife is the author of a majority of the Schiller Park Blog posts, and that David Stachura himself (through his own admission to many of the residents of this town, and by three very credible sources that preferred to remain unnamed) has his roots buried deep in the Schiller Park Blog, this dissemination of private School Board information through that same blog constitutes a major breach of the trust that the voting population has put in David Stachura, and his wife Catherine Stachura, and could very well also constitute a violation of the law. 

Such an agregious breach of privacy is disturbing to say the least. I as a grandfather feel the same as my Son, Daughter in law, and every other community member I have spoken too.  We have the utmost confidence in the Staff of the School District, and four of the Board members currently seated to protect the privacy and rights of our children, but what can we as parents do to protect our children and their rights to that privacy when someone so high up in the system is the one violating that trust? What about the staff of the School District that we trust with our children, and their privacy? Who protects the staff’s privacy from David Stachura? The post the Schiller Park Blog made was also a direct violation of an employees rights to privacy.  

The health and welfare of our children, and the adults that protect and educate them is a Joke to David C Stachura, and his Wife Catherine Stachura. It’s a political game to try and keep his perceived position of power over 1300+ children and the stff that care for them.  It’s a statement that they do not care about this community. 

This isn’t a political argument this a post about the violation of trust, and the lack of consideration for the community and its children.

Dave Stachur and Catherine Stachura need to resign their positions. They have shamed the names of the organizations they were trusted to represent. 


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