Top 10 reasons to vote


10. It’s your right.

Someone paid the price for your right to vote. Use it.

9. It’s your community.

Your neighbors, family, friends are depending on you.

8. It’s your life.

Even if politics seem far away from you, it affects your daily life.

7. It’s your education.

From school funding to college grants to job training, state and federal governments make budget decisions that have a direct impact on your ability to learn and earn.

6. It’s your body.

From policing to reproductive rights, the wrong government policies can literally cost you your life.

5. It’s your job.

A raise in the minimum wage, pay equity, and the right to a union are all being decided now.

4. It’s your environment.

You can vote to invest in transportation and sustainable energy for our planet

3. It’s your retirement.

Help make sure that Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and pension plans will be there for you.

2. It’s your voice.

Collective action starts with voting. Politicians listen to demands from communities with high turnout.

1. They want you to stay home.

An attempt is underway to keep people from voting. Your vote can stop this election from being stolen. 


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