Fear and lies for votes


It is truly sad the levels of disrespect, lies and pure nastiness people will stoop to for votes. Some have said the same of me, but the major difference has always been that I am not lieing. All of my comments can be easily supported, or are stated as otherwise. 

The recent attacks against Richard Flanagan on Facebook, and the outright lies about all three of the Champions for Children candidates on the garbage blog are simply disturbing. I can assure you, and I hope I have built some credibility by now with many of you that the accusations against the three of them are half truths, things taken out of context, or absolute lies, (but Mostly absolute lies) meant to tip the balance in an election.  

I have noticed a trend in Schiller Park, and it is frightening. Two upstanding citizens recently have been accused of terrible things like stalking, and child luring simply for votes, or in this case to take votes away from people. The interesting part to me about the most recent is that the accuser is reported to be friends with Roy F McCampbell, who is a friend to Team81, part of the garbage Schiller park blog, and Kara Blomquist’s accuser. 

Richard Flanagan, and Kara Blomquist are both long time supporters of this community. They volunteer regularly, and take an active part in the education and well being of the children and parents of this town. Ask around town how much volunteering Jana Santucci Stilphen has done? Or Roy F McCampbell. How much positive have they done in Schiller Park. I have been told that Jana Stilphen does not even live in Schiller Park, and apparently just stopped by to make personal attacks, and we all know Mr McCampbells deal. 

It is truly sad that people trying to gain, or hold a political office see that people are listening to the truth against their lies, and they feel the need to damage people’s reputations simply to be victorious, and in the end the honest, and truthful people trying to make a positive change in the lives of 1300+ children are the ones who suffer. Do you know why they suffer? Because they care. They care about people, and they care about this town. 

The 1300+ children of School District 81, Kara Blomquist, Richard Flanagan, Jeremy Hargus, Mary Ann Desecki, the entire ABC parents group, and the Loaves & fishes group are the ones who pay the price for the activities of the truly terrible people in this election season. 

Don’t let the bad People ruin the good ones. 


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