How to Deal With Losing a School Election


You finally worked up the courage to run for class president this year. You gave a great speech, hung plenty of posters, and thought your campaign was great. However, yesterday you got the results back, and it turns out you lost. Please continue reading to find out how to handle with this disappointment.

Realize why you lost. Did you make false promises? Bribe classmates with candy? Make fun of peers? Maybe you did all of these things while your opponent did not. Usually, the person who wins school elections are responsible, respectful, have experience, and just have some awesome ideas to make your school a better place. If you didn’t possess any of the good qualities and only the bad, accept that this was probably the fact you didn’t win. 

2 Congratulate the person who won. This might be difficult to do, but respect the fact that the school would rather have them be the leader. Possibly give your old opponent some suggestions and ideas you had for the school if you won or don’t, don’t is always a good idea for that one also. The goal of running for the position should be to improve the school as a whole, so don’t be afraid to go ahead and say your ideas, again or don’t the person who beat you might also appreciate that. 

3 Take down all of the posters you hung up. Also, let your friends know that you would like to stop discussing the campaign and just move on. Try to get all of the reminders that you ever ran in the first place out of your mind.

4 Give yourself a special treatment at home.Try watching some of your favorite TV shows or eating your favorite flavor of ice cream. Do whatever makes you feel the best. Also, try taking a nice, hot shower or bath. Relax at your house by distracting yourself from your school life.

5 Talk to a family member or peer about your situation. Sometimes, talking about something that’s bothering you will make you feel a whole lot better. If you would not like to talk about it, purchase a notebook or diary at a store. Then you will be able to write away all of your problems! Another option would be typing it up online. This way you will not get cramps in your hand from writing so much!

6 Join a sport or club. Meet some new people and try some new things. Do anything that you think will distract you from your previous campaign experience. Keep reminding yourself that school leadership may be fun, but it is not essential.

7 Sign a song. Sing a song! Any song will do. Well not any song. Don’t sing “another one bites the dust”, or “sha na na na na” because those song won’t help. 

Just don’t feel to sorry for yourself. Sometimes people don’t deserve to win. 


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